Elyse Myers Tik Tok

Elyse Myers – Social Media Influencer

After going viral with her worst first date story, Elyse Myers decided to take her fame one step further. She drove 45 minutes to meet her date at a Taco Bell, ordered 100 tacos and then promptly forgot her wallet. Elyse has gone on to acquire over five million followers, and has recently gotten candid with her love advice.

Since the success of her first TikTok video, Myers has expanded to other social media platforms. Her current following has more than 3.6 million, and she’s amassed over 70 million likes. Her videos feature funny and relatable situations that have made her a popular online personality.

Elyse Myers is a social media influencer who is 29 years old. She has a number of popular social media accounts and supports several causes, including the Humane Society and children’s drama. The TikTok videos she has posted have become some of the most watched on the Internet.

Her video has gone viral, garnering over ten million views and millions of likes. She also has other videos. Whether you’re a fan of twerking or not, Elyse Myers is a TikTok sensation. Her videos have inspired thousands of fans to create their own videos.

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