Emely Peguero

Emely Peguero – The Case of Emely Peguero

Emely Peguero, a pregnant sixteen-year-old, was beaten to death by her boyfriend Marlon Martinez. The murder case has remained a mystery because the circumstances surrounding the attack were not clear. In addition, the doctor who intervened in the abortion was never tried in court. However, the son of the mother of the deceased was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Marlon Martinez, the man who murdered Emely Peguero, is currently in preventive detention. He faces up to 30 years in prison for the murder, and his mother faces a 20-year sentence for concealing the body. Martinez’s attorney, Jose Martinez Hoepelman, has stated that the young man may have killed Peguero to prevent being arrested or put behind bars. The mother, however, was not charged with murder because she was a minor and did not pose a threat to anyone.

The murder of Emely Peguero has caused international attention and raised questions about femicide. In the Dominican Republic alone, there have been more than one hundred reported cases of femicide. In August 2017, there were more than one hundred. The case of Emely Peguero has galvanized women’s rights movements in the Caribbean. Thousands of Dominicans joined the Marcha Verde, a movement that aims to fight corruption. The death of Emely Peguero has also triggered protests in her country.

Peguero was fifteen years old when she discovered she was pregnant. The Dominican Republic is one of only six countries in the world where abortion is prohibited. Martinez then killed the unborn baby, but it’s not clear whether he did it intentionally or not. Martinez also confessed to killing another girl.

After her death, the local community became furious. The next morning, residents began to walk into the streets, calling for Martinez to tell them where Peguero’s body was. Some residents even burned tires and threw rocks, and threatened to destroy Martinez’s home in Cenovi.

Peguero’s death caused outrage in her native country and has prompted international attention. Despite the shocking news, the family has been struggling to cope with the tragedy. The death of Emely Peguero has led to a GoFundMe page to raise money for her funeral.

The two had known each other since childhood. They grew up in the same neighborhood and played together in the streets. Peguero and Martinez were married in November of last year. But Martinez was 19 years old at the time. Martinez had dropped Peguero off at a gas station and saw her get in her car to go to a prenatal appointment.

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