Esposa De Luis Fonsi

Agueda Lopez, the Esposa of Luis Fonsi

Adamari Lopez, the former wife of Luis Fonsi, has remarried with a different name: Agueda Lopez. Adamari Lopez was a famous Puerto Rican actress and telenovela star. She later met actor Toni Costa.

The couple were married for four years. Adamari was educated and worked in television. She attended the Latin American Music Awards with her husband. The couple have a daughter, Alaia. She met her husband at a party and the couple married in 2005.

She first began her modeling career when she was 19. She won the Miss Toledo 2000 competition and competed in the Miss Espana competition. She later moved to Miami to further her modeling career. At the same time, she met Luis Fonsi in a photo shoot. During a photo shoot in Miami, they were married. After the wedding, they continued to work together.

She also works as a fashion designer. She and Luis Fonsi were introduced through mutual friends. After a brief courtship, the couple started dating and got engaged in 2012. They welcomed their first child, Mikaela, in 2011 and welcomed their second child, Rocco, in 2014. Agueda Lopez was married to Adamari Lopez for four years before getting together with Luis Fonsi.

The wife of Luis Fonsi has a very good body. She never seems shy and does not miss an opportunity to impress. Agueda Lopez is a stunning example of a model who has never been shy about her appearance. Her beauty and sexy body is one of the most sought after in the industry.

Agueda Lopez, the esposa of Luis Fonsi, has been showing off her abs in a bikini. Her body is clearly shaped and her abs are very defined. The two have been together for five years and their relationship has become one of the most stable in the music industry.

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