Fan Bingbing And Li Chen

Fan Bingbing and Li Chen Make Comeback Plans

During the course of their long career, both Fan Bingbing and Li Chen have incurred a lot of public criticisms. For instance, when they were engaged, their careers were on a downward spiral, and the actor has been found to be a tax evader. However, despite these difficulties, both actors have managed to maintain their public support. They have teamed up with a popular television drama, and their comeback plans are also well-documented.

X-Men star’s tax evasion scandal

Earlier this year, Chinese actress Fan Bingbing was in trouble with the government over tax evasion. The Chinese government has cracked down on celebrity pay and endorsements. Fan Bingbing’s scandal has affected many people, including her then-fiance, actor Li Chen.

Fan Bingbing and Li Chen were engaged in December, but their relationship broke down in September. After the scandal broke out, Fan Bingbing disappeared from the public eye. She returned to public life earlier this year, but has been under a three-year acting ban. However, Fan Bingbing has come out with an apology. She said she was under investigation for tax evasion and was under house arrest while authorities investigated her financial records.

Fan Bingbing and Li had a four-year romance. They co-starred in the TV series The Empress of China. In addition, Fan Bingbing played Blink in X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Former fiance’s career turbulence

Earlier this year, Chinese pop culture superstars Fan Bingbing and Li Chen’s relationship got a major axe to grind. The two had been together for almost four years when the tax evasion saga spelled their doom. It was a long hiatus before Fan returned to public life in April. During that time, Li stood by her actress in chief.

The two were rumored to be engaged until the Chinese government stepped in. After that, Fan and Li went their separate ways. Li has since moved on to a new man, but Bingbing remains a household name in China’s tinseltown. It’s no wonder that fangirls were left squabbling over the breakup. A couple of months after their split, Fan returned to the public stage to attend IQIYI’s Ninth Anniversary Gala in Beijing.

Actor’s low-key public support

During mid-summer of 2018, Chinese superstar Fan Bingbing disappeared from the public eye. A state-run news outlet claimed that Fan was undergoing house arrest. A number of media watchdog sites noted that the Chinese government was censoring reports of the star’s whereabouts.

Li Chen, Fan’s fiance, has been keeping a low profile. Li Chen has not commented on the rumors that she has sold her Beijing “Siheyuan” property. However, her public support of Fan has stirred speculation about their relationship.

The Chinese government has announced a full-scale investigation into the country’s film and television industries. They have also reportedly begun to crack down on celebrity endorsements, requiring celebrities to pay taxes.

Fan Bingbing has been in hiding since the tax evasion scandal hit the headlines in mid-2018. She has not appeared on social media since June.

Their comeback plans

YG’s comeback plans are in full swing. They have been preparing for their return in an organized fashion, and have already released their music video for their first single, “Ready For Love,” in collaboration with PUBG Mobile. The group is set to release their full album in October, and have promised to give their fans the best effort.

Another K-pop group, Blackpink, has also hinted at a possible comeback. They have been teasing their fans for months, and they recently announced that they would be releasing their first full-length album in over a year. They also revealed that they would be going on a world tour. In addition, the group announced that they would be releasing a special collaboration single. They also released a 30 second announcement trailer, and have since teased fans with more information about their comeback.

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