Felicia Johnson Missing Houston Tx

Felicia Johnson is Missing in Houston, Texas

A private investigator hired by Johnson’s family found her cell phone covered in blood and her personal belongings. He turned these over to the Houston Police Department. The family is desperate for their daughter. The Houston Police Department has not responded to their request for comment. They are still working on the case to locate the woman missing.

On April 15, Felicia Johnson disappeared after leaving a Houston nightclub. Her body has never been found, but police have charged her alleged killer with murder and tampering with evidence. Nwobodo is still wanted by police, but he has not been arrested.

Nwobodo allegedly met Johnson via Snapchat and asked for $500 to meet her. Johnson’s purse, along with her cell phone, were found near a park. Her phone and purse were found soaked in blood. Police found photos of the victim’s body on the suspect’s phone on 13 May. They also found photos of three other bodies. However, the suspect was not arrested until 9 June.

Investigators tracked Nwobodo, the Uber that Felicia had been riding in, and a purse matching her description. This was a great help in the case because the suspect was not immediately captured. However, the suspect was later released from custody because there was no evidence. Blood stains were also found in Nwobodo’s apartment, including on the hallway floor outside the bathroom, in his bedroom, and throughout his apartment. A Felicia’s DNA profile was also obtained by the police.

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