Felix Handelman

Felix Handelman

Born in March of 2011, Felix Handelman is the son of famous sportswriter and producer Max Handelman and actress Elizabeth Banks. His parents are both successful in their own fields. His father is a sportswriter while his mother is an actress and singer. Handelman was the youngest of the three children. Although his parents preferred to keep their family secret, paparazzi sometimes spotted them in public.

His parents met at the University of Pennsylvania. They converted from Protestantism into Judaism after they were married. They currently reside in Los Angeles, California. Their combined net worth is about $50 million. Felix Handleman has two older sisters, Emma and Olivia. His parents are the biggest financial backers of his career.

His parents are very proud of their children. They are thrilled to see their children grow up, and plan to take Felix skydiving for his 15th birthday. The name Felix is derived from the Latin “felix,” which means happy and lucky. His middle name, Magnus Mitchell Handelman, is also Latin and comes from the words michel and mechel.

His parents own a production company called Brownstone Productions. Brownstone Productions has produced many critically acclaimed films and television programs, including the highly popular Pitch Perfect franchise. Handelman’s parents are worth $50 million. His parents are Jewish and his father is a practicing Jew. His blond hair and blue eyes are the result of his mother’s ancestry.

Elizabeth and Max Banks are very proud of their children Felix and Magnus. Their children are the most important people on the planet, and they want them to be safe. Elizabeth, who has published pictures of her children without their faces, says she cherishes watching their children grow. Max and Elizabeth have taken care to keep their children’s privacy private, despite the public scrutiny.

Due to their womb condition, the couple had difficulty conceiving a baby. They tried many fertility treatments, but decided to go for gestational surrogacy. They are now parents of two children thanks to the assistance of a wonderful surrogate. They were very fortunate that their surrogate agreed to help them conceive their son.

Max Banks and Elizabeth are both accomplished filmmakers and writers. They are best known for their roles in Pitch Perfect and The Hunger Games trilogy. Their net worth is $50 Million. Max and Elizabeth Banks are proud parents to Magnus and Felix. They both consider Felix a blessing. They believe that Felix and Magnus will succeed professionally.

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