Fires In Flagstaff Today

Fires in Flagstaff Today

Fire restrictions have been lifted in Flagstaff and surrounding areas due to significant precipitation. The risk of fires is still high. A food and water drive is underway to help those affected by the flames. Two fires were reported near Flagstaff as of Tuesday morning. Due to the dry and hot conditions, fire danger is still high.

The Pipeline Fire, near Flagstaff, is still burning. However, the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office has lifted the evacuation orders for some communities. This includes the Wupatki Trails and the Sacred Mountain Trading Post. Several other communities were told to prepare for evacuation. The Coconino County Board of Supervisors declared a state of emergency.

The Pipeline Fire has burned nearly 23,000 acres. Due to the ongoing drought conditions and current weather patterns, the Coconino National Forest may be closed to the public. The Pipeline Fire was first reported on Sunday and rapidly grew to over 20,000 acres on Monday. As of Wednesday evening, the Pipeline Fire was only 27% contained. Another fire, the Haywire Fire, has spread to 5,065 acres. Both fires are very close to one another.

Both fires destroyed entire neighborhoods and forced hundreds to flee their homes. A truckload of food, water and other supplies was sent by St. Marys Food Bank to Flagstaff to assist those in need. The Tunnel Fire, meanwhile, is burning 14 miles northeast of the city. It has decimated more than 19,000 acres, including homes and businesses. According to the National Interagency Fire Center, there are currently 38 large wildfires raging in four states. There are 6,700 wildland firefighters on standby to extinguish the flames.

Two separate fires have caused a heavy smoke haze in Flagstaff today. The Pipeline Fire started about 10 a.m. Sunday and was expected to burn up to 5,000 acres. Fire crews have fought the fire, but they are facing tough conditions. Fire crews have had to utilize helicopters to help control the flames.

Today, Flagstaff has approximately 670 firefighters fighting the fires. Both fires were being fought by at least 8 helicopters and 1 fixed-wing aircraft. Flagstaff did not have permits for open-burning devices. They are prohibited in city parks, but allowed in private homes and campgrounds.

While the Haywire Fire burned on both sides of Highway 89, most of the area is still closed because of the fires. However, a portion of the highway is now open. Flagstaff’s Fire today was a human-caused fire. Authorities have arrested a man, and they are investigating the situation.

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