Floriana Nalin

Floriana Nalin is an Italian actress and entrepreneur best known for her roles as a recurring character on Poor Paul and as an ongoing regular on Mob Doctor medical drama series.

Piero began working alongside his father as the supervisor responsible for racecar production, later serving as organizer of race events. Now serving as vicepresident at Ferrari S.p.A, Floriana Nalin is his wife with whom they share one daughter and two nephews.

Early Life and Education

Floriana Nalin hails from Modena, Italy and was raised by Antonio and Laura Nalin. She has one daughter named Antonella and one son named Enzo; their relationship is considered one of the greatest gifts she’s received.

She studied at the University of Padua before moving to the US for further studies. There, she earned a master’s degree in clinical embryology and gynecology from University of Pennsylvania; additionally she holds memberships to several medical societies and professional organizations and has published several research papers in her field.

Personal Life

Floriana is married and the mother of a daughter. She currently resides in Modena where she owns his old house; in addition, Floriana is also active as a philanthropist.

Floriana Ferrari had a deep relationship with her father Enzo Ferrari. She frequently visited him to spend time together. Floriana described Enzo as being loving and dedicated as her parent.

Floriana Nalin considers becoming a mother one of the greatest gifts she ever received in life. Her daughter Antonella Brancassy currently resides and works in New York City as a photographer; four stock photos from Antonella Brancassy can be licensed.

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