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Adams Folder – Early Childhood Education and Child Development

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Early Life and Education

Early childhood education and child development may differ in their primary concerns, yet both disciplines overlap in some key areas. One such overlap lies in environmental factors which have an effect on both educational and psychological well-being – poverty, lack of nutrition or emotional trauma can have adverse repercussions for brain development. Therefore professionals in both fields would likely collaborate in supporting an optimal environment for children regardless of whether it takes place within an informal learning setting or at home.

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Professional Career

Adams served not only as a role model to his professional peers but was also an exceptional mentor and friend for many young men and women. An outstanding teacher himself, Adams excelled particularly when teaching oral and maxillofacial surgery clinical instruction – something which can be quite stressful for first year students. Adams could put both patients and students at ease.

He was deeply engaged in community affairs, serving on the boards of Citizens Gas and Coke Utility, Methodist Hospital Foundation, Indianapolis Metropolitan Development Commission, Summit Laboratories and St Richard’s School. Additionally, he was an active member of Rotary Club as well as founding director of Circle City Classic athletic competition which aimed at furthering social, economic and cultural progress for blacks in central Indiana.

Achievement and Honors

Frankie Adams received numerous honors and awards for her teaching and research. This collection contains letters, congratulatory notes and certificates reflecting these honors, along with clippings and programs related to Adams’ public historian career.

Adams collaborated with Rockford students on social reform issues like women’s rights promotion, child labor prevention and mediating the 1910 Garment Workers Strike – these efforts had an enormous impact on both Rockford and nationwide society.

Adams founded SMU’s Medieval Studies program and taught in its study-abroad programs in France and England. Additionally, Adams led a class to create the university time capsule, which will remain hidden on campus until opening day 3000. Adams became a living legend at SMU as recipient of numerous distinguished awards.

Personal Life

Adams was a journalist, editor, teacher, forester and author. This collection contains newspaper clippings, photographs and other memorabilia related to his personal life.

Adams became fascinated with cowboys and Western culture while growing up in Brunner Addition on the edge of Houston. He spent many a lunch hour meeting up with cowboys, hearing their tales, and witnessing their lifestyle first-hand.

Other materials related to his personal life include photographs from work at the US Forest Service and college memorabilia. An oversize box contains newspaper clippings and scrapbooks from various historical articles on western topics as well as gallery proofs for four of his books:

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