Food Tabs

Food Tabs – A Convenient Way to Get Energy During a Hike Or Backpacking Trip

Food tabs provide an efficient and convenient means of fueling hiking or backpacking trips. Packed with high biological value proteins, carbohydrates and fatty acids as well as 100% of your RDA of 15 essential vitamins and minerals – food tabs offer convenient energy sources while exploring.

In many small-town Southern communities, it’s not unusual for grocery stores to allow regular customers to establish tabs at their establishment. Point-of-Sale systems equipped with preauthorization features make managing bar tabs digitally more efficient for staff members.

Early Life and Education

Children who receive high-quality early childhood education experience improved health, are more likely to succeed academically, and can build a more secure future for themselves. According to UNESCO, investing in children from birth through eight years old is one of the best investments countries can make in their future.

Food tabs are an ideal survival food option that are compact, shelf stable and delicious – ideal for storage in either your home or vehicle for emergencies and can provide an economical alternative to more costly freeze-dried options.

Food provided in these tabs is of premium quality and completely digestible, with 98% of theoretical caloric intake being taken up by the body. With its high protein content and essential vitamins and minerals for maintaining dexterity and stamina, they’re an invaluable way to support physical function.

Personal Life

Food tabs are an easily portable emergency survival food ration suitable for home or vehicle storage, providing 15 days worth of nourishment if chewed as directed and remaining unopened.

NUTRITION : Each Original Food Tab is packed full of essential nutrients, nonfat dry milk and high caloric intake; providing 100% of the United States Recommended Daily Allowance of 15 important vitamins and minerals. They also provide energy boost.

Tablet presses compress them under thousands of pounds of pressure, to ensure moisture and oxygen cannot reach their ingredients and damage them. They’re then sealed in heavy-duty opaque airtight bottles to protect them from light damage.

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