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François Allaux Net Worth

Francois Allaux has recently been busy with his illustration work and studies at Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris where he also pursues sculpture.

Retired professor and resident of Providence, Rhode Island with an estimated net worth of $500k and is the former spouse of a prominent model.

Early Life and Education

Francois Allaux married Christie Brinkley when she was only nineteen. The pair met and fell in love while Brinkley pursued arts in Paris before migrating with Allaux to the US in 1975.

Allaux has not revealed much about his early life and parents; however, he is known as an avid reader with an ability for drawing. Additionally, he enjoys spending time in nature. Allaux earned both Bachelor and Master’s degrees before going on to illustrate for such notable publications as New York Times, Washington Post and Le Monde – in fact founding INX as an editorial illustration service since 1980 – earning awards from Society of Publication Designers and Communication Arts along the way.

Professional Career

Francois Allaux is a retired professor and illustrator who has contributed his artwork to publications like New York Times, Time magazine, Wall Street Journal and Sports Illustrated.

Allaux holds both French and American citizenships and is widely known by his nickname of Jacques Lapin. At 76 years old and standing approximately 5 feet 9 inches in height. With blackish-grey hair and brown eyes, Allaux rarely appears in media reports.

He met Christie Brinkley while she was studying arts in Paris in 1973 and they soon after married shortly afterwards. Later he relocated to the USA, lasting until 1981 with no children of their own being produced between them. Subsequent to their divorce Brinkley went on to marry three more men including musician Billy Joel before ultimately going on to be a grandmother to three grandchildren.

Achievement and Honors

Francois Allaux is a retired professor and accomplished illustrator who has provided artwork to several prestigious newspapers and magazines, such as The Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Forbes. Additionally he taught Illustration at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth before his retirement.

Allaux was also one of the founding members of INX service, which provides journals of opinion worldwide with easy access to pointed political art. Born in Rabat Morocco in 1946, Allaux prefers keeping a low profile by not sharing details regarding his family lineage, siblings or ethnicity.

Allaux is a dual French-American citizen and holds a Bachelor of Philosophy degree. At 76, he sports blackish-grey hair and brown eyes and rarely makes headlines in the media.

Personal Life

Francois Allaux prefers to keep a low profile in the media. He has no social media accounts or public appearances to his credit, yet it appears he leads an enjoyable life with his family members.

This retired professor currently resides in Rhode Island, United States, but has yet to reveal information regarding his spouse and children. As an accomplished editorial illustrator for various newspapers and magazines such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, Forbes Le Monde Sports Illustrated etc he has created artworks which have appeared in them.

Allaux met his future wife Christie Brinkley while she was studying arts in Paris. They eventually married in 1975 and moved back to the USA; however, after eight years they eventually separated in 1981.

Net Worth

Allaux reportedly earns a substantial income through his professional endeavors; however, his exact net worth remains undisclosed.

French illustrator and retired professor Rene Bouguereau first met legendary American model Christie Brinkley while she was studying art in Paris in 1973. They quickly fell in love and exchanged wedding vows that year before moving back to the U.S. for good in 1975.

Following their separation, the artist has not been seen with anyone and appears to be living a private life away from media scrutiny and rarely makes public appearances. Perhaps he has become immersed in some meaningful endeavors or enjoys living comfortably alongside loved ones.

As for Brinkley, she boasts an astounding net worth estimated to be between $100 million and $150 million, boasting 792k followers on Instagram alone.

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