Frank Szatkus

Facts About Frank Szatkus

Frank Szatkus was a vaudeville performer and songwriter. His songwriting includes Happy Moments and We All Get Together; however, his personal details remain hazy due to an unknown birthdate.

Mae West married Max Aronin in 1911 and kept their union secret for five years after becoming famous. When Mae was approached for an autographed certificate in 1935 at her height of fame, Mae denied its authenticity and refused to acknowledge Max.

Early Life and Education

Frank Szatkus was an internationally-acclaimed song and dance performer known for his performances in vaudeville. Additionally, he also acted and composed songs during his professional life before passing away at age 73 in Henderson Methodist Hospital on 15 October 1966 and being interred at Saint Louis Cemetery.

Frank and Mae West married secretly in 1911 in order to gain popularity more easily as single women. But in 1935 at the height of Mae’s career, an employee discovered their marriage certificate and made it public quickly despite her protestations of ignorance regarding Frank. Mae denied this fact but eventually accepted Frank’s love through litigation which ended up paying dividends as she acknowledged him more fully than before.

Jon enters a dive bar where Clara, Nana and Baraque perform as a band; when he arrives he finds Frank wearing a mask.

Professional Career

Frank Szatkus was an internationally acclaimed singer-dancer. He made appearances in vaudeville shows as well as writing some music himself; additionally he became the first husband of Mae West, an actress and sex symbol who famously featured as herself during these shows.

Anthony J and Anna U Szatkus of Albany, New York were his parents. It later transpired that they had secretly married each other without ever giving him any siblings to look after.

Mae and Frank married from 1911 until 1942 when they parted ways through divorce proceedings. For much of their union, they kept the fact of their union secret; it only surfaced publicly when Mae refused to acknowledge his existence at first but eventually accepted it when her clerk found their marriage certificate and made it public in 1935. Mae had initially denied knowing about Frank until 1937 when Mae finally acknowledged him.

Achievement and Honors

Frank Szatkus was an acclaimed singer-dancer-composer. He first married famed vaudeville actress Mae West. However, due to his secretive nature he left little details known about himself; even his real name remains unknown while his stage name was Frank Wallace; this artist hails from Albany New York where his parents Anthony J and Anna U Szatkus resided.

Mae West and Frank kept their marriage under wraps because it was believed that single women could gain greater popularity more easily. In 1935 at the height of her career, however, a clerk discovered their marriage certificate; Mae initially denied its authenticity before eventually acknowledging Frank as her legal husband.

He passed away at age 76 in 1966 and is buried at Saint Louis Cemetery. He will forever be remembered for his dancing acts.

Personal Life

Frank was a highly private individual and did not reveal much about himself or his personal life. He worked in vaudeville as both singer and dancer before going on to write some music himself for use during vaudeville performances. Frank died at Saint Louis Cemetery and is buried there today.

Frank and Mae West began dating when Frank was 21 and she was 17. For five years after they tied the knot, their union remained secret due to its belief that single women gained more popularity than married ones. Unfortunately in 1935 at Mae’s peak career stage a clerk discovered their marriage and quickly made it public knowledge; Mae initially denied and disowned him; however in 1937 she finally accepted him and was required to give up $8 Million of her fortune as compensation.

Net Worth

According to various online sources, Frank Szatkus reportedly accumulated his net worth through criminal enterprises and earned it at an estimated range of between $1- 5 Million.

Frank Szatkus and Mae West first married secretly in 1909. However, after their separation and subsequent divorce in 1935 due to an oversight on part of a filing clerk, Mae was romantically involved with both James Timony (her manager) and Chester Rybinski (who served as her muscle man during her Vegas shows).

He became famous for his dancing acts with Miss Trixie La Mae in 1949. Additionally, he composed songs like Happy Moments and We All Get Together that became great hits with audiences worldwide. Although not highly educated himself, he nevertheless produced several successful plays and albums during his life time.

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