Freinds Forever

Friends Forever – Make Provisions For Your Pet’s Welfare in Your Estate

The Oregon Humane Society’s Friends Forever Program allows you to make provisions for your pet’s welfare in your estate documents. This program allows you to make provisions for your pet’s well-being in the event that you pass away before they reach retirement age. This is especially important if you have multiple pets or are considering adopting a pet.

Friendship is one of the most special relationships and friendship quotes are an excellent way to express the love and friendship you have for your friend. These sentimental sayings are timeless and can be personalized to your friend’s personality and tastes. Friendship is a special bond and can never be broken.

A best friend is someone you can count on to be there for you. They care deeply about you and will always be there for you. This type of friendship can last decades and is often referred to as a lifelong bond that lasts throughout one’s entire life.

A beautiful friendship gift book is a great way to show your friends you value their friendship. This colorful book highlights all the good things about friends, and celebrates these qualities with humor and wit. You’ll be sure to impress your best friends with your thoughtfulness.

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