French Lesbian

French Lesbian Feminists

In the decades that have passed since the events of the 1960s gay rights movement, a new generation of French lesbian activists has emerged. They are now embracing lesbian feminism as a way to fight patriarchy. The lesbian march was the first in France for over 40 years. It also marked the beginning of a new generation of lesbian activists. They are now embracing the tools and principles of political lesbianism which holds that patriarchy is intrinsically linked to heterosexuality. However, this movement has caused deep rifts in the French public, with some criticizing the war on the heterosexual lifestyle, while others applaud the new generation of young people.

Paris is the most prominent French LGBTQ+ neighbourhood, with Le Marais being one of its most popular gay neighborhoods. There are numerous gay bars and lesbian nightclubs in the area, and the city also has many regular lesbian events and activities. Other cities with strong lesbian communities include Montpellier, Toulouse, and Nice.

Other notable French lesbian events include the Wet for Me party, held occasionally at La Machine du Moulin Rouge. It is run by the Barbieturix lesbian fanzine publishers. The party has seen DJs like JD Samson and Peaches. L’Estaminet, one of Paris’s lesbian cafes is also available. It serves seasonal dishes and a Sunday brunch.

Raucourt was the protagonist in an erotica work in the 1780s. Her goal was to destroy men. This eventually led to Raucourt’s name being associated with lesbian identity. The name stuck and became synonymous for lesbians. If you’re interested in learning more about French lesbian history, read Apology for the Anandryne sect and Exhortation of a Young Tribade Woman.

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