Gang Mom Eugene Oregon

The “Gang Mom” Is On Trial For Aggravated Murder

A local woman known as “Gang Mom” is accused of ordering the murder of her son’s friend. Thompson acted as an anti-gang activist in Eugene, Oregon, but she also manipulated her son into joining a gang. If she is found guilty, she could be sentenced to life in prison. She is currently on trial for aggravated murder.

Aaron Iturra was an 18-year-old from Eugene, Oregon. He shared a house with his mother and sister, and he had been a popular youth. His mother had called police to report that he was in a grave situation. The police were told that the boy had a history with a gang, the 74 Hoover Crips.

When Aaron Iturra was discovered dead in his bedroom, he had a bullet wound in the back of his head. He had been shot by two boys who entered his room. One of the boys is said to have been named “Crazy” Joe Brown. Another teen, Beau Flynn, was involved in the incident.

In addition to the murder of Iturra, Beau Flynn was charged with stabbing another teen. Police said the boys had been hanging out with one another, and Beau had a history of cutting other teens. During the incident, Thompson asked Aaron to watch Beau closely.

Mary Louise Thompson was known as the “Gang Mom” in Eugene, Oregon, and her house was the gang’s headquarters. Thompson spoke to parents about gangs and kept track of who was in their homes. As she became more involved in the community, her stature increased. Initially, the police didn’t take her seriously. However, she became a leader of a community group dedicated to gang prevention.

Thompson’s criminal career reached its peak in the 1990s. Her son, Beau, joined a gang, and she began toying with a drug-making business. But when her son was sent to juvenile prison, she was able to return to her original role as an anti-gang activist.

Thompson’s own personal gang carried out the most heinous crime in her life. The boys who broke into Janyce Iturra’s home on January 13, 1991, were members of the 74 Hoover Crips. According to police, the boys were dressed in gang colors. They held a troop of delinquent juveniles wrapped around their finger.

At the time of the murder, Janyce Iturra was working as a clerk at Fred Myers. She worked at the store at 4 or 5 p.m. and went to bed at nine. Her windows were open in the back bedroom. Later, two boys broke into the home and broke into the apartment.

Before her arrest, Mary Thompson had tried to get out of prison by claiming that her son Beau was a gang member. However, Thompson’s lawyers failed to convince a judge that her son was in fact not a gang member. And in November 2012, Beau was arrested outside a Eugene, Oregon strip mall. Despite his bio stating that he had been inside the home since 2000, he was not found guilty of lying in his profile.

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