Gap Khaki Pants

Gap Khaki Pants and MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki

After wearing a pair Gap khaki pants during Election Day, Steve Kornacki of MSNBC became an obsession. He is known as MSNBC’s “Electoral College map guy,” and his pants have since become a viral phenomenon. Kornacki owns a variety of khaki pants, including several that he has worn in interviews. Kornacki wore the pants during his election coverage with a navy and green striped tie that was held in place using staples.

Gap offers a wide range of khaki pants for men and women. These trousers have a modern, slim-fit, stretch-knit waistband and a stain-resistant weave. They are also available in a wide range of neutral tones. Vineyard Vines is another brand that offers affordable khaki pants. Vineyard Vines, a Massachusetts-based brand, is known for its preppy and nautical influence. The Breaker pant is one of their most popular styles, featuring a slim fit, light stretch, and a tapered leg.

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