Garcia Tiktok

Garcia’s TikTok Video Has Over 11 Million Views and 54,000 Comments

Garcia, who is known for his hilarious videos on the social media platform, has a lot of fans. Over 11 million people have viewed his video and more than 54,000 comments. Many of his fans admit to watching the clip multiple times and sharing it with their friends. They are eagerly awaiting more videos from Garcia.

The ‘Boy Genius’ singer recently signed up to TikTok, where he is gaining a ton of followers. His first video has been viewed 22,000,000 times and has received three million likes. His account has 1.4 million followers. The video was also shared on YouTube and Facebook.

Garcia’s TikTok video is still catching on, with over 21.3 million views and more than 95 thousand comments. It has been trending on Twitter where netizens are sharing it to their friends. One user has even shared a video of Garcia dancing in his head. The video shows the lady trying to write a caption.

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