Gene Steratore Net Worth

Gene Steratore has amassed considerable wealth through his career as an NFL referee and NCAA basketball official. Based out of Washington, Pennsylvania with his brother managing Steratore Sanitary Supplies together.

He prefers to keep his personal life private, though there have been indications of singlehood online.

Early Life and Education

Gene Steratore of United States is an esteemed referee with international renown. Since 2003 he has officiated NFL games as an NFL referee as well as NCAA basketball matches.

He reportedly holds an estimated net worth of USD 5 Million and retired from the NFL in June 2018 to work as a rules analyst for CBS Sports.

Steratore was born February 8, 1963 in Pennsylvania and currently resides in Washington, a suburb of Pittsburgh. He is married to Lisa Mauro and they have three children together.

He began his football official career in 2003 and was later appointed an NFL referee at the beginning of 2006. He is best-known for a controversial call that overturned Calvin Johnson touchdown in 2010. This decision was based on an index card rule which allows referees to review play from multiple angles before reaching his decision.

Professional Career

Gene Steratore was one of the best-known NFL referees and amassed an immense fortune during his tenure. Now retired from refereeing, he now works as an analyst for CBS sports.

Steratore first began officiating NFL games as a field judge in 2003, serving a short referee stint when crew chief Bernie Kukar was injured that season. Following promotion to referee at the start of 2006 season he officiated several of the key games during that year.

Since 1995, he has also officiated collegiate basketball matches. Currently residing in Washington, Pennsylvania – a suburb of Pittsburgh – he shares custody with both son and daughter from his previous marriage and according to numerology has the life path number 2, suggesting he is a peacemaker focused on building harmony within relationships.

Achievement and Honors

Gene Steratore has earned great renown as an NFL referee due to his fair decision-making, clear communication and commitment to consistency. He has officiated in 16 NFL seasons since 1989 – including Super Bowl XLIV and LII.

Steratore has received many honors and awards during his 18 years officiating NFL games, as well as serving NCAA Division I men’s basketball games as an official. In addition, Steratore co-owns Steratore Sanitary Supply in Washington, Pennsylvania along with Tony Steratore – also an NFL referee and former back judge – along with their brother Tony Steratore, another former back judge from the league.

At present, Gene Steratore is single. A strong supporter of equality and against discrimination, Gene aims to use his platform as an NFL referee to make an impactful statement about social injustice.

Personal Life

Gene Steratore is a widely respected American football and basketball referee who most notably officiated for the National Football League from 2003-2018. Additionally, Steratore worked as an NCAA men’s basketball official, before currently becoming a rules analyst at CBS Sports.

He is an internationally recognized personality who has attracted the admiration and respect of people worldwide. Additionally, he serves as a role model and has inspired countless individuals.

Gene Steratore, married with three children and living in Washington, Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh. An avid golfer and fisherman in his free time, Steratore also practices Catholicism despite identifying himself as conservative Christian; furthermore he belongs to Knights of Columbus.

Net Worth

Gene Steratore’s net worth as one of the premier American football referees is considerable. As an NFL ref, Gene earned a significant salary during his time on the job while also amassing wealth through other business interests and investments.

He currently works as a rules analyst for CBS Sports and contributes to their NCAA March Madness coverage, often stopping by games to offer more in-depth analysis on noteworthy calls. A native of Pennsylvania, he often makes appearances to provide his insight on those calls deemed relevant by referees and officials alike.

Gene Steratore remains unknown for using drugs; however, he is an outspoken supporter of the Second Amendment and opposes gun control measures. He currently resides with his brother in Washington, Pennsylvania and co-owns Steratore Sanitary Supply as his source for cleaning supplies.

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