Geoffrey Deuel Net Worth

Geoffrey deuel is an outstanding TV Actor from United States who has earned recognition within the entertainment industry. A natural leader and possessor of stellar management skills, Geoffrey stands out among his peers.

Pete Duel is his brother. Pamela Duel also made her first television appearance as his sister on Bonanza in 1967.

Early Life and Education

Geoffrey Deuel was born January 17th 1943 in Lockport, New York. He is an American actor best known for playing Billy the Kid in the 1970 film Chisum and later co-starring on Lee Meriwether’s TV series Barnaby Jones.

Geoffrey was an exceptional student during his school days and excelled at theater, taking leadership roles with both Ithica College and Syracuse University before moving to Hollywood for acting pursuits.

Geoffrey has chosen life path 8 which symbolizes independence and intelligence. A natural leader with excellent financial skills and banking experience, Geoffrey also enjoys working on creative projects such as writing music or languages arts projects and travel around the globe with history/geography/sport.

Professional Career

Geoffrey Deuel is an accomplished American Actor. Born 17 January 1943 in Lockport, New York – United States- Geoffrey currently stands 5 feet 11 inches at age 77 years.

Deuel has appeared in over 30 film and television roles, written, directed, and is also brother to late actor Pete Duel (deceased).

He has also appeared on television series such as The Bold Ones, The Psychiatrist, Ironside, Marcus Welby M.D and Marcus Welby M.D. Additionally he has made appearances in films like Hell with Heroes Generation Cannon for Cordoba among many more.

According to Numerology, those with life path number 8 tend to be born leaders. With great management abilities and always seeking new challenges, people with this life path tend to see things from multiple angles.

Achievement and Honors

Geoffrey Deuel is an esteemed American TV actor who has made his mark in the industry. Beginning his acting career in the early ’60s, Deuel has appeared in multiple television series since then as well as multiple movies like Bonanza, Mod Squad and Adam-12.

Duel tragically took his own life on New Year’s Eve, forcing Huggins to find another actor to fill Hannibal Heyes’ role – Universal had already contracted Davis at this time and offered them the contract.

Geoffrey Deuel has enjoyed great success both as an actor and businessperson. With an extensive financial background and leadership positions held within several notable organizations, Deuel currently serves as Chief Executive Officer of Heritage Financial Corp.

Personal Life

Geoffrey Deuel was born in Lockport, New York on 17 Jan 1943. He is an American Actor and TV Personality who has made appearances in numerous shows like The Mod Squad, Ironside and Young and Restless.

He currently boasts a net worth of more than $751,211 dollars which he amassed through his primary career as a television actor.

Deuel is known to keep his personal life private and has participated in various charity-related projects and activities.

He takes an avid interest in international affairs and culture, is curious by nature and passionate about traveling. Additionally, he enjoys writing music composition and enjoys writing poetry; making for a very talented individual with an endearing sense of humor.

Net Worth

Geoffrey Deuel was born in Lockport, New York on January 17th 1943 to Dr. Ellsworth Shault Deuel and Lillian Marcella Ellstrom and is one of their three sons. Peter Deuel (Pete Duel) is his older brother while Pamela Deuel is his younger sibling.

He began acting professionally in the early ’60s, appearing on television shows such as ‘Bonanza’, ‘Mod Squad’ and ‘Adam-12’. Additionally he played roles on Ironside and The Young and Restless series.

Ben Murphy was also an accomplished film actor, appearing in six feature films. His most iconic performance came as Hannibal Heyes (Joshua Smith) from Alias Smith and Jones; his character served as an engaging western counterpart for Ben Murphy’s Kid Curry character on 22 episodes of this successful television series.

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