George Baez

George Baez and Joan Baez

George Baez is a lawyer renowned for his advocacy on behalf of numerous clients. Most notably, he achieved an acquittal in the Casey Anthony trial.

He has also represented numerous victims in serious crimes and negligence cases, such as those affected by the Dark Knight Theatre shooting in Aurora, Colorado and a rape victim from Chicago.

Early Life and Education

Baez was born in New York to Puerto Rican parents. Her father is a physicist, while her mother works as an education professional.

Her parents encouraged her to pursue music, and in the early 1960s she began singing. Soon after, she achieved fame as a popular folk singer and toured America performing her traditional folk songs.

She was also an activist. She campaigned against the Vietnam War and refused to pay 60% of her taxes when it was determined that it would be used for military purposes.

She founded Humanitas International in 1979 and advocated for President Jimmy Carter to address Cambodian refugees’ plight. Additionally, she opposed racial discrimination in the South by refusing to sit in separate sections on Black college campuses.

Professional Career

George Baez’s professional career began with his coaching position at Lambuth University in Jackson, Tenn. Later, as wide receivers coach at Southern University in Oxford, Texas, he mentored two of their most successful receivers – Shay Hodge and Dexter McCluster – who went on to have NFL careers.

He has experience working in the legal industry as both a lawyer and financial expert. He has provided economic testimony in securities and ERISA class actions, including valuation and loss causation analyses; additionally, he analyzed regulatory antitrust investigations for clients from banking, health care, telecommunications, information technology, oil & gas industries.

Achievements and Honors

Joan Baez has made a career out of being an activist and singer with a deep commitment to human rights and social justice. Her dedication has been recognized with numerous awards, including the Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song.

She also advocated for peace during the Vietnam War, singing in protest and delivering Christmas presents to prisoners in Hanoi. Her work has had a far-reaching effect and made her one of the most influential women in American music history.

Jose A. Baez has extensive experience representing clients in criminal and civil cases, including complex medical and scientific trials. He has achieved numerous acquittals during high-profile trials such as Casey Anthony’s trial. As an accomplished trial lawyer, Jose A. Baez has earned himself an international reputation for his ability to “shock the world”.

Personal Life

Baez’s activism and music were fused together in a powerful way that has inspired generations. She marched for peace in Northern Ireland, performed for farm workers striking for fair wages, and stood against capital punishment during Christmas vigils.

Her powerful voice and determination to succeed made folk music a beloved genre in 1960s America. She spearheaded the folk revival movement, recording songs from around the world and releasing albums that sold millions of copies worldwide.

Elizabeth Thomson has written a biography of Joan Baez, chronicling her captivating music and inspiring activism. Set to be released in October 2020, this is the first comprehensive biography of Joan Baez ever written.

Net Worth

George Strait is one of the most beloved country singers in history. With a career spanning five decades, George is renowned for his groundbreaking festival-style tours that have won him widespread acclaim.

He has amassed a net worth of $300 million, most of which comes from his successful music career. Additionally, he is an acclaimed actor and has been nominated for numerous awards.

Jose Baez is a lawyer who has attracted national attention with his work on Casey Anthony’s murder trial. However, his actions and decisions in the trial have been met with harsh criticism.

He was born in Puerto Rico and raised in the Bronx, New York. As a GED graduate, he joined the United States Navy in 1986 where he served three years as an intelligence analyst with Top Secret security clearance. Subsequently, he earned a bachelor’s degree in law from Florida State University and then went on to receive his Juris Doctor from St. Thomas University School of Law.

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