George Balian

George Balian – Burlington’s Best-Kept Secret

George Balian, a 1982 graduate of Burlington High School and current resident, has made his home here and continues to strengthen the roots of his family in town. Additionally, he’s dedicated 25 years to coaching BHS football and six years coaching town baseball.

He’s even a beloved fixture during Christmastime, putting up the most stunning display of lights in town.

Early Life and Education

George Balian was born and raised in Burlington, Massachusetts, where he has since resided. A 1982 graduate of Burlington High School, Balian has dedicated his life to raising a family and making a positive impact in his community.

He is a renowned architect, artist and master of his trade. His artwork can be found in homes and schools all across America as well as around the world.

Early childhood experiences, even those experienced prenatally, shape a child’s brain and develop lifelong learning and health capabilities. By understanding how the environment in which children grow up has an effect on their future outcomes, policymakers and community leaders can create policies to enhance those outcomes.

Early childhood education refers to the educational programs and activities that foster children’s cognitive, social, and emotional growth from birth until age 5. It is an incredibly important period in a child’s life.

Professional Career

Balian is a professor at the College of Business and Economics, teaching the latest trends in big data analytics as well as fundamentals of business management. Additionally, his passion for music has led him to become something of an expert on this subject – a self-described music enthusiast.

In addition to his academic pursuits, Balian owns and operates several businesses in the tech space such as a photography magazine, recording studio, vintage car business and publishing company. A lifelong resident of Burlington, he has an enduring connection to his hometown; for instance he coached BHS football for 25 years before joining Stoneham’s coaching staff this season. The Red Devils have achieved an impressive 3-2 record this season and look forward to returning to playoffs – best of luck to everyone involved!

Achievements and Honors

George Balian has earned a distinguished list of accomplishments and honors. He is an author, composer, musician, audio engineer, fine art photographer, university professor, and entrepreneur.

He is the author of the only Bob Seger biography, Turn the Page: The Bob Seger Story. Additionally, he founded and serves as president of Northville-based Drag City record label.

He has earned numerous accolades for his work, including the National Institutes of Health’s esteemed NIH Biomedical Research Award and Detroit Arts Prize. His photographs have been showcased in countless galleries and museums around Detroit; he has been an active participant in its art community for over four decades.

Personal Life

Balian’s family has been an integral part of Burlington for generations, so it was only fitting that he should raise his children here as well. A 1982 graduate of Burlington High School, he has dedicated much of his adult life to coaching BHS football and town baseball.

He has long been a champion of the town’s beloved ice cream shop, which has been serving customers at schools and regional grocery stores for more than 50 years. Now the family home is up for sale through Early Bird Liquidation; now is an ideal chance to own part of Balian history!

He’s also written a book based on his own experiences, Turn the Page, which will be published in Michigan next year as a fundraiser for Oakland County Children’s Village. The title pays homage to a song Seger popularized, yet offers an honest look into his personal life.

Net Worth

George Balian’s net worth is estimated to be $8 billion. Most of his fortune comes from hedge fund management, which he runs through Soros Fund Management LLC. In 1992, he made a fortune betting against the British pound and since then has made several high-profile trades. Additionally, George appeared in films such as Black Hawk Down, Ned Kelly and Elizabethtown; additionally he serves as Executive at FX where he oversees their scripted programming.

He has a daughter named Diane, born in 2001 and currently living in the family home on Holt Avenue. Diane has filed objections to George’s petition that would permit the trust to renovate and rent out the house at fair market value, then sell it for administrative costs of the trust. Furthermore, she wanted none of her share of Balian’s Market stock sold to beneficiaries as George had proposed; rather she desired it retained for herself.

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