George Burchett

George Burchett-Davis – The King of Tattoos

Paul George is a six-time All-Star who’s had an inspiring comeback story. A talented two-way player, his athleticism and clever defensive plays have enabled him to achieve career success.

He sports some tattoos that may not be for everyone – one in particular on his head features a Star of David design.

Early Life and Education

George Burchett-Davis (or ‘George’ as he was known in the tattoo community) was born in a seaside town in England and began tattooing at twelve. He often used his younger brother and schoolmates as models for his designs which were often inspired by African and Japanese styles of art.

As an adult, he pursued tattoo artistry and opened a shop in East End of London. Here he quickly built up a loyal clientele and expanded his business rapidly. Renowned for his innovative tattoo machines and A-list clients alike, he became something of a legend within the industry.

He was an innovative artist who revolutionized how tattooing was perceived as a professional art form. His talent and cutting-edge machines set the bar for what would become today’s vibrant tattoo industry.

Professional Career

George Burchett, known as the King of Tattooists, revolutionized the industry. Throughout his fifty year career, he provided tattoos to everyone from servicemen to royalty and even developed his own form of artwork.

He began as a cobbler on Mile End Road before opening his own shop. In the back room of his store, he would tattoo people, quickly earning himself a reputation as an accomplished artist.

He collaborated with Royalty such as King Frederick IX of Denmark and King Alfonso XIII of Spain, becoming particularly renowned for his work with sideshow performer Horace Ridler – known affectionately by many as “The Great Omi”.

Achievements and Honors

George Burchett-Davis, born on August 23, 1872 in Brighton, England, became a renowned tattooist of his time. He worked throughout both world wars in London and catered to both the wealthy and poor alike.

At the age of 13, he joined the Royal Navy against his parents’ wishes and began honing his skills aboard HMS Vincent. However, discipline proved too much for him and he eventually left to jump ship in Jaffa, Israel.

He returned to England and changed his name from Burchett-Davis to George Burchett, working as a cobbler while tattooing part-time. Later, he opened a studio on Mile End Road near Waterloo station to attract trade from soldiers en route to battle during World War One.

Personal Life

George has earned six All-Star selections, five All-NBA Team selections and four selections to the All-Defensive Team. His remarkable career with Indiana Pacers, Oklahoma City Thunder and now Los Angeles Clippers serves as a testament to his brilliance, versatility and resilience.

George Burchett-Davis was born on August 23rd 1872 in Brighton, England and expelled from school at 12 for tattooing his classmates. At 13 he joined the Royal Navy and traveled abroad on HMS Vincent before absconding to avoid military punishment.

Relocating back to London, he opened a cobbler’s shop on Mile End Road and started tattooing clients in his back room. Soon enough, dock workers and sailors began frequenting his services.

Net Worth

Paul George is an American professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Clippers of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He’s renowned for his catch-and-shoot 3-point shooting and impressive field goal percentage.

His high scoring numbers are due to his athletic versatility and insightful defensive plays. Additionally, he sports numerous body tattoos including one of a beautiful lion on his left arm.

He is renowned for his Black Lives Matter activism and often wears hoodies and t-shirts with the logo printed on them.

He purchased a mansion in Pacific Palisades for $16 million that features a theater room, indoor spa, gym, half basketball court and swimming pool.

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