George Fleagle

George Fleagle

The Fleagle brothers owned a remote ranch near Sheridan Lake in Missouri where they raised chickens. They were friendly neighbors and helpful workers.

But when their neighbor John Parrish and his son were shot during a bank robbery, the gang fled to Kansas. There they made Dr. Weininger treat Royston, who had been injured during the robbery.

Early Life and Education

George Fleagle was born in 1928 and lived with his family in Pennsylvania.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in business from Moravian College and an Master’s in accounting from Columbia University, having worked as an insurance executive for fifteen years before making the switch to another career path.

He eventually opened Art Source International, an antique map and print shop located in downtown Boulder, Colorado that has been open since 1989. Additionally, he has donated to many charitable organizations like the Imagine Foundation and is a member of the Colorado State University Alumni Association. Together with his wife Kristin, they have two daughters who reside nearby who they enjoy spending time with while traveling or playing with their grandchildren.

Professional Career

George Fleagle is an acclaimed entrepreneur. He owns Art Source International in Boulder, Colorado – an antique map and print store featuring antique maps and prints.

Since 1989, George’s business has been an essential fixture in downtown St. Paul. Additionally, George is an active community member, serving on multiple city boards and committees.

He served on the city council from 2009-2015, serving as mayor pro-tem during that time. Additionally, he founded the Imagine! Foundation. With two grown daughters living nearby with their families, George enjoyed traveling with his wife Kristin and working at his business. George will be fondly remembered by many friends and family.

Achievements and Honors

George Fleagle was an eminent scientist and educator, widely acclaimed for creating the world’s first hologram as well as his many other accomplishments.

He was a renowned philanthropist and donor to Western Maryland College, with his name immortalized in the Forelines Family Scholarship – one of Western Maryland College’s oldest and most prestigious honors.

This award is given to a student who has demonstrated excellence in all areas of study and the commitment and drive necessary for success. It was made possible through Charles and Lois Forlines’ vision and generosity as two of WMC’s longest serving trustees – individuals who embodied WMC’s spirit in every sense. Each year, criteria for selection include at least 2.5 GPA, exemplary moral character, and demonstrated financial need.

Personal Life

The Fleagle family has a longstanding legacy in the White River Valley. This legacy serves as a poignant reminder of its early days.

George Fleagle and his wife Deborah loved to travel. They took many vacations across America as well as abroad.

They even traveled to Australia and New Zealand!

Their adventures were often referred to as “Fleegle Adventures”. Additionally, the family traveled frequently throughout Europe.

George loved visiting Friend, Kansas where he lived for many years. A member of the local American Legion Post and commander, George served on its board and as school board member and town supervisor at various points throughout his life.

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