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George Fong on the Hilltop

Over three decades ago, George Fong graduated from college with a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting. Equipped with this knowledge, he became a Special Agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

After a career in the FBI, he found his true calling writing crime fiction. He met some of the kindest people you could ever meet who enjoy killing – or at least write about it.

Early Life and Education

George is a proud product of South Sacramento and an alumnus of its higher education system. For over 10 years he has been advocating for youth rights to college/employment opportunities, identity development and cultural healing/empowerment through social justice and intersectional perspectives.

Fong has a passion for teaching, training and professional development presentations on leadership topics such as social justice, poetry as an instrument of empowerment, ally leadership, toxic masculinity among men of color, youth engagement on social media platforms – the list is endless!

He is an experienced speaker, having presented at UC Irvine’s 1st Southeast Asian Graduation, Gaby Grant Foundation Convenings, California Council of Cultural Centers in Higher Education (CACCCHE), and Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education (NASPA). His writing strives to amplify often ignored voices while connecting the values of social justice with intersections of community struggle.

Professional Career

Fong spent most of his professional career working as a law clerk, attorney and eventually prosecutor. As someone close to government leaders, he played an essential role in shaping Hawaii’s identity as a state.

He was an esteemed member of the esteemed American Bar Association and served on numerous committees. Additionally, he frequently spoke and wrote on topics related to criminal justice, civil rights issues and women in law enforcement.

He currently teaches three online entertainment management courses at Lipscomb University – entrepreneurship, nonprofit arts management and entertainment business. With a passion for faith-based education, he’s eager to share his expertise with others. Furthermore, his interest in religion and technology intersects; he believes that artists and scientists in the entertainment industry make our world a better place.

Achievements and Honors

George Fong had an illustrious career in the FBI and also published his work. Additionally, he received numerous honors and awards throughout his life.

He acknowledges the significance of mentors who inspired and supported him along the way. Additionally, Fong appreciates all of the advice he’s received from people in both professional and personal life.

He believes people are eager to offer helpful advice at the appropriate time and place, so he has learned to seek it out. Some of his most pivotal life moments occurred when he sought out mentors and was fortunate enough to receive them at just the right moment.

Personal Life

George Fong is a beloved figure on campus, often seen in the President’s box setting up sandwiches and handing out cookies to children. He also makes appearances at major catered events like the Hall of Fame banquet.

At Saint Anselm College for over a decade, Dining Services Manager Rick Anderson has been an icon on campus, exuding hospitality with every move he makes. A favorite among students-athletes, coaches and athletic staff alike, Rick is a staple on the Hilltop.

He earned a degree in business administration and then went on to become a special agent with the FBI. While working as a rookie agent, he began writing his first novel, Fragmented. This thrilling thriller is based on an investigation he conducted into kidnapping cases throughout Bellingham, Washington – cases which would later inspire his writing.

Net Worth

George Fong boasts a net worth of $5 million as an American doctor and science presenter.

He is a resident scientist on ITV’s It’s Not Rocket Science and has also appeared on other television programs. Additionally, he presented the 2015 Royal Institution Christmas Lectures.

YouTube star Fong makes a substantial income through advertising on his videos, boasting 21 million subscribers and 8.8 billion views.

He was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and is half Korean and half Chinese. Growing up with a small family in a tight-knit community, his parents encouraged him to focus on academic pursuits.

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