George Fraker

George Fraker

Geroge Fraker was a figure often featured in newspapers across America, leading an interesting life. Not only was he a doctor who always found himself in trouble, but he also committed fraud.

His most infamous act was when he fraudulently took out eight insurance policies in May 1893. Although this was an act of criminality, the doctor never went to prison.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

George Fraker is an accomplished doctor whose success is due to his professional skill and commitment. He is renowned for his expertise in treating kidney diseases.

In addition to his accomplishments in medicine, he is renowned for his contributions to society. He has received numerous honors and awards, making him a household name around the globe.

After graduating from medical school in Kansas City, he relocated to Excelsior Springs, Missouri and opened a medical practice while continuing his studies diligently.

Achievements and Honors

George Fraker achieved much in his life. He was an acclaimed educator and a respected member of his community.

He was also an accomplished businessman, owning and operating multiple businesses.

Director of photography for numerous films such as “Bullitt” and “Rosemary’s Baby,” he earned himself an Oscar nomination.

He was also honored with a lifetime achievement award from the American Society of Cinematographers, becoming their 13th recipient of this distinction.

Personal Life

George Fraker was a successful doctor who lived an eventful life. He was well known for his gambling habit and affinity for alcohol.

While practicing law in Kansas City, he was accused of sexually abusing two boys. He was quickly arrested.

After Fraker’s death in 1907, his alleged victims were awarded large sums of money from their insurance policies. Unfortunately, it took them a long time to locate their funds.

In the end, they returned all $9,000 paid out. It wasn’t until Cyril O’Neal passed away – another one of their patients – that they discovered what really happened to Dr. Fraker. It was a tragic story; the boy had been bit and suffered poisoning; yet Dr. Fraker was never charged or indicted for his role in it.

Net Worth

George Fraker is one of the most successful and renowned actors of our time, appearing in several acclaimed films such as The Mummy and The Wolf of Wall Street.

The actor’s net worth is estimated to be $20 million, which includes his salary and other earnings from the entertainment industry.

He has amassed a substantial amount of savings. Additionally, he is known to accept lower salaries in order to work on projects that he is passionate about.

At the start of his career in Hollywood, he wasn’t wealthy. In fact, he lived in poverty until moving to Los Angeles to pursue acting.

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