George Karadsheh

George Karadsheh – A Wipeout Whistleblower

George Karadsheh was an office manager who turned whistleblower at Dr. Farid Fata’s clinic in Rochester Hills.

After staffers began leaving Fata’s practice, Karadsheh alerted the FBI. He informed them of Fata’s plot to poison patients with chemotherapy treatments that didn’t work and then charge their insurers for it.

Early Life and Education

George Karadsheh was raised in a Christian family in Madaba, Jordan where he studied theology at the New Orthodox School. Additionally, he taught at an independent private Christian school before immigrating to America in 1996.

Three years ago, he began having doubts about his doctor boss’ practices at Crittenton Cancer Center in Rochester Hills, Michigan. He noticed a high number of people leaving the practice and wondered why. After speaking with other staff members who seemed to confirm his suspicions, he decided to investigate further.

Karadsheh eventually reached out to the government and filed a whistleblower lawsuit under the Federal False Claims Act, earning himself some reward money of several hundred thousand dollars. However, he decided to keep only part of it so victims of Fata’s scam could receive greater compensation.

Professional Career

George Karadsheh is a dedicated individual who takes great pride in his work. In 2011, he joined Michigan Hematology Oncology (MHO) as an office manager and soon after noticed several clinical staff and doctors had left without warning. One of his more senior colleagues, Dr. Soe Maunglay, revealed to him what Fata was up to – giving patients chemotherapy they didn’t need and billing Medicaid and other insurance companies for it as well.

In September 2014, Fata pleaded guilty to 13 counts of health care fraud. Soon after, Karadsheh was among the first whistle-blowers to file a lawsuit against Fata and his wife Samar; Swan For Life Cancer Foundation; Vital Pharmacare and others – which was recently settled for around $1.7 million.

Achievements and Honors

George Karadsheh has been recognized for his contributions to medical science and public service. His accolades include being named a doctoral fellow at the University of Florida and being listed among Scientific American’s top 100 most influential people worldwide.

He was also awarded the esteemed National Medal of Science for his achievements. Additionally, he holds memberships in the American Association for the Advancement of Science, National Academy of Sciences, and American Chemical Society.

Award-winning scientist developed a device that allowed people to record sound and transmit it wirelessly to speakers within the room – known as the “Frankenphone.” This invention was later employed in an MRI machine to detect heart attacks and other health issues in patients, saving the government tens of millions of dollars in expenses.

Personal Life

George Karadsheh played an integral role in the arrest and sentencing of Farid Fata, the Detroit oncologist found guilty in July for providing patients with chemotherapy treatments they did not need. It was Karadsheh – as practice manager at Fata’s clinic – who first discovered his fraudulent practices.

He and Soe Maunglay, another employee, accumulated evidence showing Fata was falsifying patient diagnoses and prescribing expensive chemotherapy that they did not need. Unfortunately, they were unable to report the doctor to government authorities until Karadsheh filed a whistle-blower suit in 2013.

He did so under the qui tam provisions of both the federal False Claims Act and Michigan Medicaid False Claims Act, which enable private individuals to file lawsuits on behalf of the government to recover fraudulently obtained funds. According to David Haron, who represented Karadsheh in his suit, anyone with information regarding fraud against the federal government that can do something about it “can file a qui tam.”

Net Worth

Karadsheh’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $1.7 million. This wealth was accrued due to his role in uncovering the fraud committed by doctor Farid Fata.

The doctor’s negligence claimed the lives and health of 550 patients, many of whom didn’t even have cancer. They endured painful treatments that left them with fragile bones, damaged organs and other illnesses. As a result, victims were able to file False Claims Act lawsuits and receive substantial rewards from the government.

In August 2013, he filed a whistle-blower lawsuit under the False Claims Act that initiated legal proceedings that could result in financial rewards of up to $3 million. Additionally, by doing so he brought attention to this fraud to those affected and their families – many of whom will never recover from their ordeals.

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