George Kirkos

George Kirkos, Actor

George Kirkos owns and operates an auto repair shop in Toronto, but his true passion lies in renovating and rebuilding his 131-year-old farmhouse – now a popular destination for family gatherings, Christmas house tours and other festive events.

On Monday morning, police arrested him for performing his job. Fortunately, he and his colleagues were released shortly thereafter.

Early Life and Education

On October 29th, 2019, George Kirkos passed away peacefully at the age of 85. Survived by his beloved wife Jeanette (nee Margetis), son James and wife Joanne, daughter Stephanie & husband Tyler and beloved grandson Colton, George will be deeply missed by his family members.

Early in his life, he was actively engaged in many activities and hobbies that kept him occupied. He enjoyed playing baseball, bowling, skiing and riding horseback; moreover, he took care of his farm and home at Cannington, NJ.

Kirkos pursued journalism after graduating from Loyola University in 1990. He started out as a field producer at an area Fox affiliate in Chicago before moving to Dallas for 18 months to further his career.

Professional Career

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Personal Life

George Kirkos has had a prestigious professional career. As an experienced project manager, he has over 12 years of experience managing EU funded initiatives.

He enjoys a quiet and serene personal life that revolves around his family. Married to Kim, they have three children.

They own a 131-year-old home located within Cannington’s working mill complex. After renovating and furnishing it with antiques, they proudly display it for guests to enjoy.

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Net Worth

George Kirkos is an acclaimed actor who has been a mainstay in the entertainment industry for decades. His diverse range of projects includes Old Yeller, Mystery Men and Kenan & Kel.

He also earned a significant net worth through his acting career, appearing as Dutch in the Disney XD cartoon Motorcity. Thanks to his success onstage, he was able to amass an impressive fortune.

His net worth has seen a meteoric rise in recent years due to his successful business ventures. This includes involvement in both airline industry and Las Vegas casino operations.

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