George Langberg

George Langberg

George Langberg is currently an agent in the NBA. He’s based in Short Hills, New Jersey and represents Catalyst Sports & Media.

According to his agent George Langberg, the Brooklyn Nets have officially signed center Nerlens Noel after he reached an agreement with the Detroit Pistons earlier this week.

Early Life and Education

George Langberg was born in Austria and raised in Kings, New York. While attending Kings High School, he lettered in basketball and served as captain of the team. Later, he graduated from Brandeis University with a master’s degree in management from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

He recently became the bishop ordinary of the Anglican Church of America’s Northeast diocese, leading a region spanning six New England states and New York. Additionally, he serves as town historian in Tuxedo, organizing presentations on local history that have been well received. Furthermore, he’s working to make as much of his research and writings available online through collaboration with the Tuxedo Historical Society; this effort should prove invaluable to those pursuing knowledge about their hometown’s past.

Professional Career

George Langberg has been a professional basketball player since 2018, playing for teams like the Pacers, Nets and Fort Wayne Mad Ants. Additionally, he spent time in the G League where he appeared in 72 games with averages of 2.5 points and 3.0 rebounds.

Langberg, a lifelong Tuxedo resident, has been actively engaged in local history research and written several books, pamphlets and white papers on various subjects. With an enthusiasm for learning about his hometown’s past, he hopes to make it easier for people to discover it through collaboration with the Tuxedo Historical Society. Stay tuned – stay informed!

Achievements and Honors

George Langberg was recently elevated to bishop ordinal in the Anglican Church of America, overseeing a diocese spanning from Rochester to Bar Harbor, Maine. Prior to this appointment he served as suffragan (assistant) bishop.

Langberg is a figurative painter specializing in intimate scenes between friends. His paintings are filled with queer subjectivity and his work is displayed with pride at home. Additionally, he makes repurposed pocket watches from recycled machinery such as printers, phones and stereos which adorn his home. His artwork has been exhibited nationally and he’s an artist member of Brooklyn Art Museum’s New Yorker Collective. Currently living and working in Brooklyn with his partner Jill Prigerson Langberg 79C

Personal Life

George Langberg is an accomplished basketball player as well as an artist. He collects used machinery and uses it to crafted clocks and wristwatches. His favorite timepieces feature a small metal sun with a miniature light bulb that produces mini-eclipses every twenty seconds.

He is also a Tuxedo historian, having prepared and delivered many presentations, solved several historical mysteries and conducted extensive research on local topics. His latest initiative is an internet multimedia project to make as much of his output accessible online – at no cost! Sign up to receive 5 free lookups per month to gain valuable information about this professional including court records and civil judgments.

Net Worth

George Langberg is a sports agent who represents NBA players. He currently works with Catalyst Sports and his clients include Indiana freshman star Romeo Langford. According to his LinkedIn profile, his net worth is estimated at $2 million. As the son of an ex-NBA executive, Langberg has represented several high-profile names like Nerlens Noel, Ike Anigbogu, Alize Johnson, Monta Ellis and Maurice Harkless among others. In addition to representing basketball players, Langberg has written books about sport as well as being CEO of Happy Walters Investment Firm; plus he maintains an active Twitter account where he posts news about clients as well as general sports news around him

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