George Lindholm

George Lindholm is a Forensic Pathologist

George Lindholm is a pathologist based in Spokane, Washington. His expertise lies in studying bodily fluids and tissues to identify causes of death. Autopsies are performed to confirm these diagnoses.

He was previously the medical examiner for Spokane County and was arrested in August 2018 on charges that he had a drug-growing operation at his residence.

Early Life and Education

George Lindholm was raised in Alaska as the oldest of seven children. He spent a lot of time with his grandmother, who inspired him to pursue medicine.

He earned both a bachelor’s degree and medical doctorate in medicine, but after some time the monotony of daily practice became too much for him.

Instead, he became a forensic expert. With more than two decades of experience working at Spokane’s morgues under his belt, he has been instrumental in solving hundreds of unsolved deaths.

Lindholm, an expert on human anatomy, has a keen sense for detecting clues. He’s seen dish soap, poison roots and razor blades in corpse stomachs as well as whitish nuggets which could be partially dissolved medicines or food items.

Professional Career

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Achievements and Honors

As a forensic pathologist, George Lindholm brings an impressive amount of skill and expertise to one of society’s most perplexing jobs. But it is his enthusiasm and inventiveness which truly set him apart from his colleagues.

At the morgue, Lindholm often works in silence alongside detectives as they search for bullet fragments or piece together skulls that have been pulled apart by coyotes.

When Lindholm isn’t at the morgue, he likes to spend his free time fishing and tying flies. He claims these activities bring him joy, but another partner speculates it could simply be that he’s lost himself in Alaska where he grew up. No matter where life takes him, Lindholm says his childhood experiences have inspired him to pursue a career in medicine.

Personal Life

George Lindholm is a medical doctor who specializes in researching, studying and diagnosing diseases through the examination of tissues, blood and fluid samples. Additionally, he performs genetic testing.

His personal life revolves around family and friends. He enjoys spending time with them, savoring their company.

He enjoys music, particularly Switchfoot, Radiohead and The Beatles.

He is a forensic pathologist who conducts autopsies and runs various lab tests to establish the cause of death. Furthermore, he researches and analyzes patient tissues at a microscopic level.

Net Worth

George Lindholm boasts a net worth of over $1 million. He built and sold an oilfield equipment company before purchasing a $10.4 million mansion in Calgary’s Tuxedo Park neighborhood.

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