George Liss

George Liss – A Reknowned Ophthalmologist

George Liss is a renowned ophthalmologist who has been practicing for more than two decades in Boca Raton, Florida.

The ophthalmologist provides care to patients with eye diseases such as detached retinas and cataracts. He also performs laser retina surgery and lens replacement operations.

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Professional Career

George Liss is a highly successful businessman who co-owned and managed a private investment banking firm. As an philanthropist, he has assisted countless low-income families in Philadelphia by contributing both time and money to organizations like Broad Street Ministries – which serves those most in need.

He was an accomplished family man, enjoying leisure activities such as golf and downhill skiing. A true admirer of the arts, he especially loved spending time with his grandchildren. But most proud of all was his leadership role in improving lives of many those less fortunate – particularly founding and chairing Broad Street Ministry.

Achievements and Honors

George Liss was an illustrious individual with a remarkable life and career. A self-made businessman, he co-owned and managed an investment banking firm while serving as president of the Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey and leading eight first-time missions to Israel. In addition to these accomplishments, George served on numerous Jewish community boards.

He believed in the power of giving back to his community. To that end, he volunteered with local charities like Broad Street Ministry which serves Philadelphia’s most vulnerable residents. Plus, he added an extra special touch by donating turkeys at Thanksgiving for families in need. Best of all? He did all this with style and class – no wonder his name appeared among the top ten recipients for the Edward H. Levi award for outstanding professionalism and exemplary integrity.

Personal Life

George Liss was an acclaimed businessman and leader in the Jewish community. He also had a heart of gold as a loving husband and father who enjoyed spending time with his grandsons.

His personal life was filled with hobbies such as golf, downhill skiing, art, woodworking and model trains. He enjoyed traveling and spending time with his family.

He is survived by his wife Hali Pine; children Ira Liss (Lynn Liss), Harley Liss Gantman and Eli Liss Gantman; grandchildren Hudson, Spencer, Eli Liss; sister Linda Bauer; niece Jill Good; and great-nephew Sean.

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Net Worth

Liss, George is an ophthalmologist based in Boca Raton and a member of both the American College of Ophthalmology and American Society for Cataract and Refractive Surgery. With more than two decades of experience under his belt, he is affiliated with Boca Raton Eye Center.

He has a net worth of $5 million, and has been featured in the media for his work as an ophthalmologist and affiliation with the American Cancer Society. Additionally, he served as president of the Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey and led eight first-time missions to Israel. A loving and respected family man, with interests such as golf, downhill skiing, and woodworking; he served as an inspiration and role model to those close to him through these experiences.

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