George MacDonell

George MacDonell

At the Battle of Hong Kong, George MacDonell and thousands of Canadian soldiers bravely fought against Japan’s army. Unfortunately, many were not returned home.

MacDonell, born in Edmonton, Alberta, joined the Canadian Forces at seventeen. He was sent overseas early during the war to Hong Kong as a sergeant.

Early Life and Education

George MacDonell was born in Edmonton, Alberta in 1922 and joined the militia while still in high school at Listowel, Ontario.

During the Second World War, he served in Eastern Canada and Hong Kong as part of C-Force before being captured as a Prisoner of War by Japanese forces. Despite harsh conditions inside Japanese POW camps, he and his fellow soldiers remained steadfast in their commitment to protect Canada.

George is passionate about public service as an essential aspect of Canada’s social and economic fabric. As a member of council in Northeast Calgary, he strives to ensure all Calgarians – regardless of background – are treated with dignity and have equal access to opportunities and resources. George takes great pride in his many accomplishments and plans on continuing working for the betterment of all Calgarians as long as he remains there.

Professional Career

George MacDonell was a soldier, lawyer and author. He joined his local militia when he was young, serving in both Canada and Hong Kong.

He was also a prisoner of war during the Second World War, spending over three and half years as a Japanese captive. Following the conflict, his focus shifted to writing memoirs.

He has also been involved in the legal investigation of several criminal cases, such as O.J. Simpson’s murder trial. Additionally, he has written several books about forensic science and blood evidence, lectured at numerous academic institutions, appeared on many news television programs, and taught students about forensic science at The Laboratory for Forensic Science in Corning, New York.

Achievements and Honors

Macdonell served in C-Force, Canada’s division that fought in the Battle of Hong Kong. After this engagement, his fellow Canadian soldiers captured him and held him as a Prisoner of War by Japan.

He later returned home and finished his education, eventually earning a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Toronto.

He was also a proud member of the Royal Canadian Legion, serving as Branch Service Officer for 39 years. Additionally, he chaired his branch’s Poppy Campaign and raised funds through ticket sales and grant applications.

Personal Life

George Macdonell was an accomplished entrepreneur and community leader. A prominent Roman Catholic clergyman and respected citizen, he dedicated much of his free time to public affairs projects as well as participating in local politics.

He was an enthusiastic Conservative Party supporter and took an active interest in municipal affairs. He served as Reeve of Roxborough Township for twelve years and was also a member of the county council.

George MacDonell joined the militia in Listowel, Ontario as a young man. He served in the Second World War, helping defend Hong Kong and becoming a prisoner of war. Eventually he wrote a book about his experiences called One Soldier’s Story that chronicles his journey.

Net Worth

Born in Edmonton, Alberta on August 4th, 1922, Macdonell enlisted as a 17-year old to serve his country in the Royal Rifles of Canada. He served as Company Sergeant Major throughout Canada and Hong Kong until 1946. Following his military service, he earned a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Toronto and embarked on an impressive business career that culminated with him serving as Deputy Minister of Ontario from 1980-85. Sadly, Macdonell passed away February 28th 2017 at 96 years old.

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