George Maloney

George Maloney

Major (Infantry) George Maloney made a name for himself during the Vietnam War with his extraordinary heroism in combat operations against an opposing armed force.

He was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for his bravery in joining a Vietnamese Strike Force Patrol that had been harassed by Viet Cong for two weeks as it ventured deep into insurgent controlled territory.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

George Maloney was an illustrious baseball pitcher. While with the Cincinnati Reds in his career, he went on to win a National League pennant.

He pitched from 1960 to 1966, recording 134 wins, 84 losses and 30 shutouts. Additionally, he enjoyed success in the minor leagues as well.

His best years came during the 1962 and 1965 seasons when he was a Cincinnati Reds starter. He finished in the top ten for ERA and strikeouts that year.

Achievements and Honors

Maloney received numerous honors throughout his life, including the Distinguished Service Cross for his heroism in Vietnam and the National Medal of Justice – which is considered to be the highest civilian award for bravery.

Maloney is currently a partner at Morrison & Company and an expert in corporate consulting, investigations and insolvency. He has served as receiver, liquidator or examiner on numerous entities within both private and public sectors.

Last year, Berea College recognized Maloney for his work as a Core Member of the Urban Appalachian Community Coalition by awarding him with a Public Service Award. Maloney said this recognition is an honorific tribute to his dedication to serving urban Appalachian communities.

Personal Life

George Maloney dedicated much of his life to upholding the mission of Siena College, serving as co-chair for their Values and Vision campaign from 1996-2001.

He was a pioneering advocate of Eastern spiritual tradition in the decades after Vatican II. He founded and directed the John XXIII Institute for Eastern Christian Studies at Fordham University, as well as authoring over 80 books, journals and articles on related subjects.

He was fluent in seven languages, including Russian and Greek, and traveled widely throughout Europe. Additionally, he spent two summers on Mt. Athos (The Holy Mountain). At the Jesuits he taught oriental theology and spirituality, contributing significantly to the growth of Eastern Christian tradition within America.

Net Worth

George Maloney’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $6 million, earned largely through his career as an umpire.

George Maloney is not only a successful umpire, but an accomplished musician as well. He has released multiple albums.

He is married and has two daughters.

Furthermore, he has an impressive array of investments. He owns a townhouse on the Upper East Side, six-unit rental property in Virginia Beach and a partial stake in a Jamaican rental property.

He currently chairs the Committee on Appropriations and his net worth is estimated to be $1.6 million.

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