George Manosis

George Manosis, a Philadelphian and philanthropist

George Manosis was among the first developers to invest in Harrowgate, an industrial hub located between Kensington and Port Richmond that used to be home to thousands of workers. To prove his prediction, he built J Street Lofts – a series of stylish apartment complexes located here.

Early Life and Education

Dr. Jones began as a janitor at his local church before working his way through college at the University of Pittsburgh. A true nerd, he excelled in physics and math; earning both a bachelor’s degree in engineering in 2008 and master’s degree in business administration three years later. Despite his academic successes, he managed to juggle both personal and professional lives successfully until 2011, when he remarried and relocated to West Palm Beach with his family: son and daughter.

One of the most remarkable aspects of George’s long and varied career has been his unflinching commitment to making his community a better place. His latest project, J Street Lofts, serves as an exemplar of this commitment.

Professional Career

George Manosis, owner of Stronghold Development & Construction LLC, makes strategic decisions, creates business plans and monitors financials. With more than ten years of experience in this industry, George has gained invaluable insight.

In addition to his work at Stronghold, he also serves as president of Thor Executive Security Teams – a security services provider in New York City. An avid tennis player throughout high school and college, he enjoys playing the sport when not at work.

Nicholas is a Trustee based in London and holds dual legal qualifications with expertise in corporate and commercial transactions, investments and fund structuring. In his free time he enjoys hiking, reading fiction novels and listening to music while spending quality time with his wife and two children.

Achievements and Honors

George Manosis is an acclaimed photographer renowned for his images of Greece and beyond. His works can be found in numerous museum collections around the world, and he has also dedicated himself to philanthropy.

He has supported numerous Greek-American organizations and given scholarships to many students from his home country. A passionate supporter of the Greek community, he strives to preserve the close ties that unite Greek-Americans with their homeland.

He is proud owner of J Street Lofts, a high-rise development that has taken North Philadelphia by storm. Situated only blocks away from the Tioga El stop in Harrowgate, it serves as an example of how reinvestment and revitalization has brought large sections of North and South Philadelphia into the future.

Personal Life

George Manosis has made an enormous wager that the wave of reinvestment, development and revitalization that’s sweeping North Philadelphia will leap over a freight railroad embankment on its way to Port Richmond’s massive former Reading Railroad pier complex. To this end, he’s building J Street Lofts complex near Tioga El stop in Harrowgate.

Contrary to some low-income neighborhoods where new development is met with alarm and opposition, Harrowgate residents have welcomed Manosis’ work with enthusiasm. That’s great news for the developer who has several reconstruction projects underway as well as plans for another construction building like this one.

Net Worth

George Manosis is an incredibly wealthy real estate developer. His portfolio includes the J Street Lofts complex in Port Richmond, a massive former Reading Railroad pier that he is developing into high-end condominiums. This development marks another step in reinvestment, redevelopment and revitalization in north Philadelphia. Estimates put his net worth at over $3 million with assets spanning North & South Philadelphia plus eastern Kensington.

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