George Maunder

George Maunder

George Maunder was an astronomer renowned for his groundbreaking discoveries in sunspot research. One of his most significant accomplishments was introducing us to this fascinating field of physics.

Maunder developed a set of photographic techniques that enabled him to observe the regularities and irregularities in solar activity. His observations revealed periodicity, equatorial drift, and variations in rotation with latitude for sunspots.

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Professional Career

George Maunder was an illustrious professional soccer player and scored Australia’s first international goal. His daring feats inspired a fervent following for the game, particularly in northern NSW.

Maunder was an inspiration and mentor to several students, including George Beadle who went on to have a storied career. Maunder was an active member of the Crop Science Society of America, American Society of Agronomy and Farm House fraternity; she served on boards such as Diversity magazine, American Seed Trade and Iowa State University’s Seed Science Center advisory council. Maunder was the recipient of numerous honors and accolades, such as the Henry Beachell Distinguished Alumni Award from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and DeKalb Genetics Inc’s best in class sorghum breeding award. Over his 37 year career, he contributed to the development of around 150 commercial sorghum grain and forage hybrids grown on over 10 million acres across more than 20 countries.

Achievements and Honors

Maunder was an innovator in plant breeding and genetics of sorghum. His efforts contributed to improving global food security, for which he was recognized with numerous awards and honorary degrees.

He was awarded an Honorary Doctorate degree by Nebraska and also received the Henry Beachell Distinguished Alumni Award.

Professor Elsworth’s pioneering work in helioseismology – the study of Sun’s oscillations – provided her with a profound insight into the Sun’s interior and core, which she then applied to other stars’ structure and evolution. Her Gold Medal honors these accomplishments as recognition for her scientific leadership over five decades.

Personal Life

George Maunder was an influential figure within the Wesleyan Methodist movement. As both a minister and vocal advocate for abstinence from alcohol, he set an example for those seeking spiritual renewal.

Furthermore, he was an astronomer and leader of the British Astronomical Association; serving as its president from 1894-1896 and being a director at various points throughout its existence.

He and his wife also traveled outside England to witness six solar eclipses. In 1901 they visited Mauritius, followed by Canada as guests of the Canadian government in 1905.

He was skeptical of the existence of Martian canals. After conducting visual experiments with circular disks, he concluded that any view of canals on Mars was an optical illusion. Additionally, he rejected the notion that Martian temperature-equating winds existed on Mars.

Net Worth

In 1860 George Maunder left his family in Devonshire and immigrated to Australia as an agricultural labourer for the Australian Agricultural Company on their ‘Goonoo Goonoo’ estate near Tamworth, 400 kilometres north-west of Sydney. His salary was set at PS1 per week by the Australian Agricultural Company.

His father Thomas Maunder of Dummer ‘Yeoman’ was an influential landowner in the parish of Stoodleigh. He had executed wills that provided legacies for many members of his large family; some were well off while others faced life with little or no resources. With a long history in north Devon’s upland valleys, the Maunders had made a comfortable living during periods of prosperity.

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