George Maxon

George Maxon

George Maxon is Captain America’s archenemy and one of the most villainous characters in comic book history. He was trained by Adolf Hitler to become his right-hand man for his empire.

During the war, he donned a terrifying red skull mask and rose to become the leader of Nazi terrorist activities. Additionally, his appearance as the Red Skull allowed him to gain control over American military assets.

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Professional Career

George Maxon achieved success as an illustrator on various comics throughout his career. He began as the artist behind the Tarzan strip.

He illustrated several Dell’s Lone Ranger comicbooks from the 1950s, as well as Young Hawk, a secondary strip for the comicbook series.

After leaving Tarzan in 1947, he worked as a freelance illustrator, specializing in cowboy stories. In 1954 he provided all interior art for Dell’s Turok: Son of Stone issue 1.

Achievements and Honors

George Maxon was the original Red Skull created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby and first featured in Captain America Comics #1 and #3 (March-May 1941).

Maxon is a businessman and Nazi agent who leads an underground network of spies and assassins, serving as a stand-in for Johann Schmidt, the original Red Skull. During two missions, it is believed that Maxon will be killed; however, he would return for one final encounter with Captain America.

Maxon assumed the identities of several wealthy and powerful people, such as Cyrus Fenton, Aleksander Lukin, and many more. Ultimately, this led him to become an archenemy of Captain America.

Personal Life

George Maxon was a newspaper cartoonist for the New York Globe and New York Evening Mail, best known for his Tarzan comic book illustrations.

On November 25, 1973 in Boston, Massachusetts, he passed away. Survived by his wife Hazel.

Throughout his lifetime, he demonstrated an immense passion for the arts. He painted landscapes and portraits alike with passion.

He had an avid interest in history and was a member of the Rockland County Historical Society. Additionally, he had many friends within the local community.

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