George McLaughlin

George McLaughlin

George McLaughlin was a lawyer with more than 34 years of experience. He specialized in product liability cases and successfully tried over 100 jury trials to verdict.

His work has enabled many to recover compensation for their injuries. With extensive experience representing clients from around the country, he knows exactly how to get results for his clients.

Early Life and Education

George McLaughlin was born in Willmar, Minnesota on May 21, 1909. He earned a degree from both the University of Minnesota and Pennsylvania State University.

His parents, George and Katherine Ruth (McDonald) McLaughlin, instilled in him a deep Catholic faith and an impressive work ethic.

He graduated from Woburn High School in 1947 and then worked at Givens Greenhouse, a flower grower located near St. Anthony’s church in Woburn.

After graduating college, he pursued a career in public service. He held multiple community-focused positions such as licensed social worker, community organization/development specialist and liaison, along with serving as assistant director of an area office. Upon retiring from the state service in 2004, he became director of TRANSACCESS before being hired as Project Coordinator by the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission.

Professional Career

George McLaughlin has been an expert in engineering, operations and construction management for over 35 years. He holds the certifications of Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified Construction Manager (CCM) as well as being a California licensed general contractor.

He has extensive expertise on projects in the commercial, industrial, manufacturing, oil & gas and high technology sectors. He provides comprehensive global program, project and construction management support to contractors, owners and major subcontractors alike.

He has extensive expertise in dispute avoidance, complex construction claims and litigation/arbitration assistance. He has successfully represented clients in a range of cases such as those involving defective medical devices and product liability.

Achievements and Honors

George McLaughlin has accomplished many remarkable things during his lifetime. He is a success in multiple fields and well-known for his dedication to work.

He sets an exemplary example for those around him and has earned numerous honors and awards in recognition of his accomplishments.

He has earned multiple scholarships for his academic accomplishments and achieved great success in sports as well.

Personal Life

George McLaughlin was a man of remarkable size with an infectious charisma. He was an adoring family man, dedicated father, and passionate sports fanatic.

He enjoyed spending time with his son and volunteering for several local organizations. Furthermore, he enjoyed playing golf, coaching youth sports, and chaperoning school field trips.

He was also heavily involved in his church community, serving as deacon at both Lincroft Bible Church and Whiting Bible Church.

He was a loyal friend to many and held great regard for his fellow citizens. He believed in the importance of social justice, advocating on behalf of those less fortunate than himself.

Net Worth

George McLoughlin is an acclaimed actor who has made a name for himself on the international stage. His roles in various movies and television shows, such as Stranger Things, have earned him numerous awards and accolades.

His net worth has skyrocketed due to his successful acting career and role as an advocate for body positivity and image awareness.

He boasts an adoring fan base and serves as an inspirational role model to many. He’s been involved in campaigns such as #EmbraceYourFace and #BeYourBiggestFan, inspiring millions around the world.

He began his career by staring in an opera called Lost in the Stars. Subsequently, he moved to Broadway and was cast as Young Simba in The Lion King musical. Over time, his roles in films and plays have earned him numerous accolades.

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