George Morris

George Morris – A Celebration of Life

Ellen surprised George Morris with a Jeep for his birthday and even added in a surprise performance by OneRepublic to commemorate the moment.

In 1942, the United States Army sought bids from 135 automakers for a 1/4 ton “light reconnaissance vehicle.” Only three companies responded: Bantam, Willys and Ford.

Early Life and Education

Jeep, as he was affectionately known by all, was born at Laconia Hospital on April 20, 1930 and raised as a resident of Laconia, New Hampshire. On July 9th 2018 however, Jeep passed away peacefully at his home after many years of battling cancer.

Jeep spent his childhood on the farm of his parents, George and Judy Kurtz in Johnstown, New Hampshire. He was an accomplished athlete, earning All-State recognition in both football and baseball.

When not playing sports, Jeep enjoyed fishing, hunting, boating and attending car shows with his family. A passionate volunteer, he served on various boards throughout his lifetime including the Salvation Army Board of Directors, Laconia School Board and Rotary Club; plus he earned the title of Paul Harris Fellow. Survived by his wife Cynthia; sons Corbett, Trevor and Hayden; brother Kevin (Kristi) Kurtz; father John McGrath and mother-in-law JoAnn McGrath; grandmother Esther Specht; as well as grandfather John and JoAnn McGrath.

Professional Career

George began as a part-time salesman, but quickly mastered his trade and transitioned into full time work. The most important lesson he learned was treating customers like royalty. To grow his business successfully, George recognized trends early and responded to the growing need for quality aftermarket Jeep parts.

As an executive, he had the advantage of working alongside many top professionals in his field–from management and finance to human resources. He was deeply inspired by their dedication and results they produced for their companies, and also felt the satisfaction of a job well done. One of his honors included membership in The Suburban Collection President’s Club, which recognizes top performing dealers within the group.

Achievements and Honors

Jeep was an inspiring leader in many areas of his life. His kind heart, sharp sense of humor and infectious laugh made him an excellent role model, mentor and friend to those around him.

He was an inspiring leader, passionate about giving back to his community. He served on the Laconia School Board, was a member of the Salvation Army Board and earned himself the title of Paul Harris Fellow.

He was also involved in church, Rotary and local charities. His passion for cars led to him fixing them up alongside his sons.

He had a passion for hunting and fishing, as well as Dwight Yoakum and Sam the Cooking Guy. In his free moments, he enjoyed reading books and listening to music.

Personal Life

Jeep always gave back, whether at his job or outside it. He was kind, caring, witty and a great friend and mentor as well as having an ardent Christian faith.

George and Joan were born in Yugoslavia but immigrated to the United States as children. Growing up two blocks apart in Kensington section of Philadelphia, they shared an idyllic childhood.

In 1951, the couple tied the knot. Unfortunately, they never had children.

George had a passion for cars, especially off-road models. This inspired him to start Jeep Georges: he saw an opportunity in the retail market for Jeep parts and began distributing them through mail order channels. George’s business took off quickly as his inventory increased exponentially – leading to rapid growth and success for Jeep Georges as an established success.

Net Worth

As a basketball star, jeep georges boasts an impressive net worth of about $100 million. Additionally, he has signed contracts with major brands like Nike, Gatorade, AT&T and YouTube that bring in an annual salary of $34.2 million.

He owns a variety of cars, including a white Ferrari 458 Spider and Land Rover Range Rover. His investments have proven to be reliable and long-lasting – research shows pickup trucks and Jeeps tend to depreciate the least in their first five years while luxury sedans lose value faster. Furthermore, life insurance and annuities contribute to his net worth. If you’re starting to save for retirement, knowing your net worth can be an important factor when determining which investments to make.

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