George Peterson

George Peterson

George Pedersen founded ManTech International Corporation in 1968 with a vision and one contract to provide high-end modeling and simulation services. Today, ManTech International Corporation is an expansive global professional team that excels at optimizing advanced technologies across cyber, enterprise IT, systems engineering/software development, as well as critical analytics.

He led the Herndon, Virginia-based firm to become a mission-focused national security company. Under his direction, it began trading on the Nasdaq in 2002 and eventually grew into an organization with $2.2 billion in annual revenue.

Early Life and Education

Early childhood education is an integral component of a child’s development. It provides them with the foundation they need to build upon for learning, behavior and health.

In the United States, numerous strategies have been put in place to promote early childhood education. These initiatives range from state policies and research initiatives, to funding sources and advocacy efforts.

For example, a strong school-family partnership can have an encouraging effect on young children’s development and help them reach academic success. Other elements that may be beneficial include stable and responsive relationships with parents/caregivers, as well as safe and encouraging environments.

Professional Career

Peterson is an experienced trial lawyer specializing in litigation with an emphasis on employment law and the defense of medical professionals and hospitals/major medical centers for professional negligence claims. His jury trials often involve high-stakes matters involving brain damage, injury, misdiagnosis, or wrongful death.

He has earned a reputation for creating an atmosphere of trust and collaboration amongst staff members through a personalized professional development model. Before school starts each year, he meets individually with each teacher to set objectives and discuss them in detail.

He has also adopted a variety of innovative approaches in learning and instruction, such as flexible seating, collaborative learning, and research-based lesson design models. At the end of each year, he uses data to assess his students’ progress and decide which teaching practices work best for them.

Achievements and Honors

George Petersen was a pioneering figure in DNA science and an inspirational visionary for its potential to revolutionize our lives. His impact on research, health care and society continues to this day.

He created an original, interdisciplinary research program that connected cellular information flow and coding through biomolecules such as DNA, RNA and protein. This was undoubtedly his greatest scientific accomplishment.

Petersen, principal of Liberty Elementary in Fairview, Tennessee, leads his teachers with a caring and relational leadership style that values every staff member equally. Through Personalized Professional Development (PPD), he meets one-on-one with teachers to encourage them to set both personal and professional objectives for the year.

Personal Life

George Petersen was a man of many talents and interests. His positive influence on hundreds of young lives, combined with his expertise as an educator, is truly remarkable.

In addition to his career, he enjoyed many other pursuits such as tramping, fishing and skiing. Most importantly, he was a devoted family man who treasured spending time with his wife and daughters.

His work has had an incalculable effect on the world, which will be felt for generations to come. His dedication to genetics and DNA research inspired a new generation of scientists who are making major contributions in science, health care, society and the environment.

Net Worth

George Peterson is an acclaimed real estate and land developer with a net worth of $20 million.

He first gained national notoriety when he wed Lauri Peterson, a reality star on “The Real Housewives of Orange County.” They were wed in 2007.

The couple’s primary residence is a 3,500 square-foot mansion in San Juan Capistrano, California which they purchased for $2.85 million in 2004 and which is now valued between $4-5 million.

He owns several investments, such as a luxury resort in the Dominican Republic. Additionally, he owns a private jet. Finally, his previous marriage produced Slayte as well as three daughters named Danyka, Bria and McKenzie; plus he adopted Kennady Waring – his son’s adopted sister.

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