George Schaeffer

George Schaeffer

George Schaeffer is an entrepreneur whose leadership abilities have enabled him to build an iconic nail care brand. Through his guidance, the industry has seen significant growth from being a niche market to one with global recognition.

Prior to founding OPI, Schaeffer served in the United States Army during the Vietnam War and gained invaluable leadership lessons from his time serving on the front lines.

Early Life and Education

George Schaeffer was born in Hungary and immigrated to America with his family in 1956. From a young age he developed an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for business that would serve him well throughout life. Graduating from City College of New York in 1970, George ran his family’s garment manufacturing business in Manhattan after graduation.

He was a dedicated family man who enjoyed spending time with his grandchildren. Additionally, he was active in the community as president of Bnai Zion Foundation and donated millions of dollars to charity causes worldwide.

He has been a lifelong Democrat and served in several positions within his local government. He served seven years as township supervisor before taking the position of assessor. A well-respected member of his community, he enjoyed great popularity amongst members of both religious denominations.

Professional Career

Schaeffer founded OPI in 1981 and has since built one of the beauty industry’s most renowned and successful nail care brands. With an array of over 400 creatively named unique shades, OPI has for decades fused fashion and entertainment with color cosmetics.

Schaeffer infuse his vision for excellence and innovation into OPI’s brand, creating an environment where everyone felt like family. Furthermore, he made it his mission to give back to his community.

He was renowned for his philanthropy, contributing millions of dollars to health-related causes and children’s education. In 2012, City of Hope Cancer Center honored him with their Spirit of Life Award in recognition of his compassion, dedication, and generosity.

Achievements and Honors

George Schaeffer is renowned for his generous philanthropy. Throughout his life, he has supported numerous causes such as local food drives, clothing drives and school supplies drives; cancer research projects and hurricane relief efforts.

He is also the co-founder of People’s Trust Insurance (PTI), a company that offers affordable home insurance coverage to Florida property owners. Together with his wife Irina, he takes great joy in aiding those less fortunate; they donate generously to universities, Jewish cultural organizations, music conservatories and hospitals.

Shaeffer’s philanthropy aside, he has received many awards and honors for his efforts. One such award is the Lippert Award presented to SIA members who have made significant contributions to both their association and security industry.

Personal Life

George Schaeffer’s personal life was an epic journey of sorts. After growing up without much structure, his sister Rose and her husband Floyd Ely saved him and provided a stable home environment which helped shape him into the man he would become.

George was greatly supported by friends and family, as well as his church. He served as pastor in several congregations, such as Grove City and Chester.

He was instrumental in the founding of L’Abri, a spiritual and philosophical retreat located in Switzerland. His writings have had an immense impact on various fields such as Dominionism and Christian Reconstructionism. A prolific author, his works cover culture, religion, and society from a unique perspective.

Net Worth

George Schaeffer has an estimated net worth of $5 million dollars. He is an American businessman and investor.

He is the founder of OPI Products, a nail polish company. In business since 1985, he owns several other companies as well.

But his income has fallen off drastically in recent months and he now owes an immense debt. In December 2017, Miriam Schaeffer filed a $19 million lawsuit against him in response to his former wife’s demands.

The large judgment was the outcome of his argument that his company, instead of being worth $88 million as estimated, only had a value of $34 million.

He had previously paid Eileen Gold $21 million, but the judge ordered him to pay an additional $4 million plus interest and attorneys fees.

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