George Shepler

George Shepler

George Shepler was born in Pennsylvania in 1866 and married Catherine Elizabeth Shepler (nee Peace) at the age of 29 in 1895.

George served in World War I as a flying officer for the Army Air Service, earning him the Purple Heart for his services. Additionally, he attended classes at Army Industrial College in Washington, D.C.

Early Life and Education

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George Shepler was born in 1791 in Virginia to Samuel Shepler and became a prominent newspaper publisher and figurehead in public life. Additionally, he belonged to the American Legion, Lawton Post and Kiwanis Club while also serving in the United States Army as a second lieutenant.

Professional Career

George Shepler was an esteemed professional in business and finance. She served as executive assistant to Yale University President Richard Leavitt, Assistant Treasurer at Radcliffe College, Trust Officer and Vice President at Fiduciary Trust Company, among other positions.

She served as Executive Director of the Arthritis Foundation’s Massachusetts chapter and appeared in over 50 movies, best known for her role as Gidget’s mother in the Gidget series.

On June 16th in Azle, South Dakota, Mary Shepler passed away. Survived by her wife of 15 years Margaret of Azle; daughter Joan Wackenly from Florida; sons Gary Shepler (South Dakota) and Robert and George W Shepler (New York); step-children Jo Ann Guman and James Marzahl from Georgia and Jean Hallenbeck of New York are also survived.

Achievements and Honors

Shepler’s accomplishments and honors are far-reaching, spanning multiple fields. At Tufts University, she was awarded several awards including the Anne Borghesani Prize in International Relations.

She has also received several scholarships, such as the Ivan Galantic Special Achievement in Humanities Prize and Audrey Butvay Gruss Science Award.

She has earned widespread acclaim for her scientific work and contributions to physics. Her groundbreaking studies on tidal evolution, chaotic dynamics, planetesimal distributions and thermal history of terrestrial bodies were particularly noteworthy.

Personal Life

George Shepler was born in Virginia in 1843 to Solomon Shepler and Sarah Perlina Stump.

In 1846, the Shepler family relocated to West Virginia and began cultivating potatoes and other crops. They lived in a modest tin-roofed house on the edge of town.

After World War II, the Shepler family launched a ferry business on Mackinac Island. They operated a small vessel known as “Miss Margy,” for tourist excursions to the island.

Shepler’s ferry was a beloved attraction until it was replaced by the Mackinac Bridge in 1958. Unfortunately, Shepler’s business suffered a drastic decrease when the bridge opened, but they were able to revive their service with the addition of larger vessel. Their commitment to offering top-class, efficient ferry service still stands today.

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