George Slingerland

George Slingerland

George Slingerland (1872-1932) was a New York State historical site superintendent at Saratoga Battlefield who became involved in its restoration after attending one of his Rotary Club meetings in 1925.

He remained as superintendent of the battlefield for the remainder of his life, overseeing its expansion by 1430 acres during his tenure as superintendent.

Early Life and Education

George Slingerland served in the first assembly district of Albany county as a well-known public speaker and esteemed citizen.

He had achieved high academic qualifications and had been a successful businessman from his early days. Above all else, he was an upright, honest, and reliable individual who always followed the highest moral principles.

He served in the legislature from 1843 to 1860, representing Albany county’s first assembly district. Throughout these decades he earned himself great respect and honor while providing his constituents with numerous measures that would benefit their futures.

Professional Career

George Slingerland is a professional golfer from Carlsbad, California and belongs to the PGA of America.

He has been a PGA member since 2006, giving him the opportunity to travel across America playing golf and competing in numerous tournaments.

One of his greatest achievements was founding the Carolinas PGA Section, a regional group of PGA professionals in North and South Carolina. He played an integral role in its formation and remains an active participant today.

George Slingerland served as mayor of Mechanicville, New York from 1925-1927 and was profoundly inspired by Rev. Delos Sprague’s presentation to the town club during this period. This led him to dedicate the remainder of his life to Saratoga Battlefield where he served as superintendent from 1926-1932.

Achievements and Honors

George Slingerland has earned numerous honors throughout his life and made significant contributions to his community through volunteerism.

He has served on numerous civic and service organizations, such as Beverwyck Neighborhood Association, Upper Washington Avenue Neighborhood Association, West End Neighborhood Association, City of Albany Special Events Office and Niagara Mohawk Community Action Team.

Since his youth, he has been an active participant in his church’s life. Additionally, he serves on the Greek Orthodox Youth Association Board.

Personal Life

George Slingerland is a PGA Professional from Carlsbad, California and an active member of the PGA of America – comprised of nearly 29,000 PGA Professionals worldwide.

He is a well-respected member of his community and his family is close to him. His involvement in the local golf industry and ability as an excellent teacher of the game make him invaluable assets to that industry.

He is a well-known guest at his local club. He enjoys playing golf and socializing with his friends and colleagues. Above all else, he is an incredibly kind individual who always goes the extra mile for anyone in need.

Net Worth

George Slingerland boasts a net worth of $25 million dollars. He is an acclaimed American television host, author, and journalist.

He has eight books that are selling well, and his success in the literary world is testament to his hard work and perseverance throughout the years.

George Slingerland has achieved great success in addition to his TV hosting career, also making a name for himself in music. He has performed with artists like Mariah Carey and Kanye West, among others.

He boasts a net worth of $60 million, earned largely through his career in entertainment. He founded Can I Ball Records and NCredible Entertainment to manage their business interests; they also produced several hits including Wild N Out improv comedy show which is still running today.

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