George Slover

George Slover Joins CDT As General Counsel

The Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT) is delighted to announce George Slover as its new general counsel. With over three decades of antitrust and competition policy expertise, George most recently served as senior policy counsel at Consumer Reports.

Consolidation in a market already dominated by a few powerful players can bring about reduced competition which could negatively affect consumer choice and quality. Promises of good behavior won’t suffice to solve this issue.

Early Life and Education

Early childhood is when a child’s brain develops at its fastest. These years are crucial, as they lay the foundations for social skills, self-worth, and an overall view of the world.

High-quality early childhood education can help children flourish and learn. Indeed, the United Nations has declared high-quality ECE a goal of its Sustainable Development Goals.

A quality Early Childhood Education program should focus on building essential social-emotional, cognitive and physical skills for a student’s growth over time. It must also be developmentally appropriate with an organized schedule of routines and transitions that nurtures the young child.

Professional Career

Success in professional career requires a combination of skills, education and luck. To ensure a smooth transition to your dream job, it’s wise to create an action plan with input from experienced professionals and take time to research potential options. Important points to consider include goals, personal preferences and living expenses in your new location. A well-thought out and implemented transition strategy will guarantee smooth sailing during your new job search. Getting ahead of competition is one way to stand out from others; make sure you receive appropriate mentoring from knowledgeable people at the appropriate time and in an organized format.

Achievements and Honors

George Strait is an esteemed country musician and one of the top artists in the industry, having earned himself numerous accolades and honors throughout his career. He has received four American Music Awards, 15 Country Music Association Awards (including 71 CMA nominations) and eight Academy of Country Music Awards.

He was inducted into the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame.

In addition to his musical accomplishments, he was also an accomplished author, political activist and influential figure in the United States civil rights movement. As a member of the Freedom Riders and supporter of U.S. troops in Vietnam, he also critiqued leftist groups which exploited minorities or fomented racial tensions for their own political purposes.

At the 78th annual Alumni Achievement Award ceremony, The George Washington University Alumni Association honored him with several honors and awards for his dedication to community service, leadership, and academic excellence.

Net Worth

He boasts a net worth of $8 million. His assets include his home, cars, real estate and retirement accounts; however, he still owes money that needs to be paid off.

He is the sole owner of Kaiser-Francis Oil, a Tulsa, Oklahoma oil company with wells across America. Additionally, he holds a majority stake in BOK Financial – a publicly traded company with more than $46 billion in assets.

Net worth is the total value of one’s assets minus any liabilities they may have. Liabilities could include credit card balances, mortgages, student loans or other obligations that must be settled.

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