George Sprague

George Sprague

George Sprague was an ichthyologist, herpetologist and educator. He collected aquarium fishes and kept them for years.

He studied ichthyology and herpetology at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, as well as publishing books and articles related to these fields.

Early Life and Education

George Sprague was born on July 13th 1934 in Kansas City, Kansas to George and Ruth (Richardson) Sprague.

He held various jobs throughout his life, such as farmer, carpenter and salesman for the Standard Asbestos Company. Furthermore, he was an active member of Tonganoxie Christian Church.

He was married to Cherrill Baugh and she survives. They moved to Copperas Cove 11 years ago where he enjoyed spending time with his family and friends. He was an exemplary husband, father and friend to all those that knew him – survivors include his wife and two sons.

Professional Career

Dr. Charles Sprague had an illustrious career as a scientist. Among his many accomplishments was developing the first commercial electric motor. Additionally, he created electric trains and early elevators using electricity, while designing what is believed to be the world’s first microchip.

Sprague was an impressive man with a long list of accomplishments, yet he remained a humble family man. He was proud father to three children: Mary, George and John. In addition to being a longtime member of Grace Brethren Church in Dallas, Sprague also held prominent positions within Oak Cliff Dads Club and Central Dads club until 1963 when he passed away from complications caused by prostate cancer. When not at work or playing golf, Sprague enjoyed cooking delicious meals that will be greatly missed by those who knew him best – truly great minds must come together!

Achievements and Honors

George Sprague was an renowned scientist and inventor who created numerous groundbreaking inventions. These included the first constant-speed non-sparking motor with fixed brushes, as well as a method for regenerating power in electrical trains and elevator groups.

He received the Wolf Prize in Agriculture for his work in plant pathology and disease-resistant crop breeding. Throughout his seventy year career, he maintained an active research program.

He was a Lowell House resident and had an immense impact on many students. His encouragement, knowledge, and drive for personal growth provided them with invaluable opportunities to explore.

Personal Life

George Sprague was an esteemed scientist who dedicated over seventy years of his career to research in maize genetics. He had a passion for his work and deeply appreciated its scientific nature.

He was an active member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and hosted many scientific conferences. He served as a great mentor and friend to many.

He lived a full and fulfilling life, enjoying his family immensely. Additionally, Sprague dedicated himself to his work and always had an active research program. Survived by his beloved wife Cherrill, Sprague will be greatly missed by his family and friends; Mark and Kevin Sprague, his two sons; were great fathers and grandfathers thanks to Sprague’s kind heart and commitment.

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