​George Stefanic

George Stefanic and Elise Stefanik

George Stefanic is a New York-based member of Congress and an enthusiastic supporter of President Trump.

On Friday night, a DUI arrest quickly turned into an investigation into possible bomb threats when troopers say they discovered an apparent hand grenade in Stefanic’s car. After failing a field sobriety test, Stefanic was taken into custody without incident.

Early Life and Education

George Stefanic, growing up in Schumacher, Ohio, enjoyed watching the Christmas train come from Pittsburgh and bring gifts to his house. As a boy he dreamed of owning a chemistry set like those Santa delivered every year but it would be years before he could afford one.

On Friday night, Florida Highway Patrol officers discovered an open beer can and what appeared to be a hand grenade in the center console of Stefanic’s car after he was arrested for DUI in Wesley Chapel. Troopers also noted his breath reeked of alcohol, his eyes were glassy-eyed and watery and his speech slurred. After failing field sobriety exercises, Stefanic was charged with driving under influence – additional charges may still be pending.

Professional Career

Stefanic has spent his professional life working in education. He’s held positions such as teacher, principal and superintendent in Timmins. Additionally, his years spent mining taught him the value of hard work and how to treat people with respect.

He says he has always strived to give back to his community through his involvement at the Croatian Society in Schumacher. Additionally, for 47 years he served as a volunteer firefighter, earning him the prestigious Fire Services Exemplary Service Medal. According to Florida Highway Patrol records, Stefanic was driving his 2015 Ford F150 west on State Road 56 west of Interstate 75 when he changed lanes and sideswiped a Toyota Camry. When troopers arrived they noticed signs of intoxication including alcohol on his breath, slurred speech and glassy eyes.

Achievements and Honors

Stefanic has an impressive list of accomplishments. As a former educator, miner and volunteer firefighter, he has always strived to do his part to better the community in which he grew up.

Stefanic served as secretary-treasurer of the Croatian Society: Schumacher and is actively engaged in other community activities. From helping out at ball tournaments and Schumacher homecomings to coaching hockey to kids, Stefanic strived to give back whenever he could.

He received many honors and awards throughout his life, including the George T. Bobby Advising Award. This honor is presented annually to faculty who have demonstrated exemplary commitment to academic advising. In recognition of Professor Bobby who taught exercise and sports science at Penn State Hazleton from 1967 until his passing in 1989, this award bears his name in inscribed plaque and includes a stipend.

Personal Life

Stefanic is a proud product of Schumacher, where he believes life is “free and easy.” As such, he has always sought ways to give back by volunteering his services in order to improve the community.

He enjoys golfing and curling in his free time. Additionally, he is a dedicated member of the Schumacher fire hall where he has served for 47 years.

He loves teaching. A certified teacher for over 33 years in Timmins, Alberta, he is an advocate for education and believes it to be the most effective way to shape America’s future. One of his greatest accomplishments was being part of the team responsible for crafting Republican platform in 2012 and advising Mitt Romney’s exploratory committee.

Net Worth

Elise Stefanik is the Chair of the House Republican Conference and was first woman elected to Congress from New York’s 21st district. Additionally, she serves on several committees such as Armed Services Committee, Education & Labor Committee, and Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. Generally considered a moderate to liberal on most issues; however she does hold some conservative viewpoints.

Two years ago, a small Long Island newspaper ran an article on a candidate who had amassed vast wealth in two years of campaigning. Yet the story received scant coverage from local journalists or Democratic party officials.

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