George Tiaffay

George Tiaffay Gets Life in Prison Without Parole For Murdering His Wife Shauna

In September, George Tiaffay was sentenced to life in prison without parole for murdering his wife Shauna. Six other charges were also brought against him. Noel Stevens, a homeless man, testified that Tiaffay had offered him $5,000 to kill Shauna. According to Stevens, Tiaffay had a handgun and a hammer when he killed his wife.

George Tiaffay was a West Point grad when he was arrested in the murder of his wife. He claimed that he was on prescription medication at the time, which caused him to hallucinate in order to commit the crime. However, former defense attorney Robert Langford has argued that the drugs did not cause Tiaffay to commit the crime.

The prosecution also presented evidence that Tiaffay had called Stevens at least 87 more times in the month preceding Stevens’ death. In addition, Tiaffay’s attorney tried to portray him as a liar and a psychotic. The appeal process for Tiaffay will continue and he could be assigned a new lawyer.

The trial for George Tiaffay was a difficult one for the family. His estranged wife, Shauna, said that her sister-in-law Paula, fought back tears as she pleaded for the maximum sentence for her brother. The judge also criticized Tiaffay for hiring a hit man. She pointed out that Tiaffay was a former Las Vegas firefighter and a West Point graduate. At the hearing, Tiaffay was dressed in jail blues.

While Shauna was happy to share custody of her daughter with George, the situation was not as stable. George had become obsessed with controlling Shauna’s life, and the obsession he felt towards her turned into a murder-for-hire scheme. His goal was to ensure that she was not available for anyone else. Ultimately, he was convicted of murder, and his wife was murdered as a result.

In addition to his conviction, Noel admitted to breaking into Shauna’s house three weeks before the attack. He claimed that he had given him money for Shauna’s murder and that he promised to give him more money if she was killed. However, the prosecution claimed that George ordered the hit, and that he had paid Noel $600 (PS400).

The defense argued that Stevens was an liar, while the prosecution argued that Tiaffay had ample opportunities to prevent the murder. Stevens had been friends with Tiaffay for several years, and he had offered him odd jobs for low prices. He was found guilty of murder after the trial lasted three days.

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