George Ushiromiya

George Ushiromiya

George Ushiromiya is an upstanding young man and apprentice in his father’s business. His cousins look up to him for guidance and often serve as mediators when disputes arise.

He is an accomplished boxer, having learned his trade from his father. However, he has yet to reach the success that he aspires for.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

George is the oldest of four cousins in the Ushiromiya family. Raised with leadership in mind by his parents, George has developed into an accomplished martial artist like his mother.

George is twenty-three years old and already an exemplary worker and skilled craftsman. As a respected member of his family, George holds his mother in high regard.

He also has a great sense of humor, and isn’t afraid to laugh at himself. This has earned him the reputation as an exceptional family member who is loved and respected by everyone – especially his cousins.

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Achievements and Honors

George is twenty-three years old and the heir apparent to his family’s fortune on Rokkenjima. He is an impressive young man and an accomplished martial artist in his own right.

He is an exemplary gentleman, highly esteemed by both his mother and father, and seen as a kind of peacemaker in their community.

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Personal Life

George is a kind and gentle soul, with only eyes for his beloved Shannon. He would do anything to protect her from harm or injury.

His family is financially successful and influential, with Rokkenjima serving as their estate. Not only do they possess considerable wealth, but they are renowned for their hard work and intellect as well.

As a child, he was jealous of his cousins’ more independent and adventurous lifestyles. This led him to wear an arrogant mask toward them in comparison.

He strives to atone for his past errors and provide a better life for the Ushiromiya family, but has not been successful in getting them back on track.

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