Georgia Elizabeth Kennedy Bailey

Georgia Elizabeth Kennedy-Bailey

Georgia Elizabeth Kennedy-Bailey was born in a New York hospital on Sept. 30, 1962. Her father, Rory Kennedy, was a documentary filmmaker and is the youngest of 11 Kennedy children. The couple was married at a Greek compound owned by Vardinoyiannis, a close family friend. They honeymooned on Vardinoyiannis’ yacht.

Caroline Kennedy was born December 12, 1968. She was the youngest of Robert Kennedy’s and Ethel Kennedy’s children. Her father was assassinated while she was just a few months old. Her mother named her after Rory O’Connor (the last high king in Ireland), who ruled in 12th century Ireland.

The Kennedys were the closest thing to royalty in the United States, and today, their descendants are making a difference in the world. Many of their children have achieved success and are well-known in the media, though not always for the right reasons. One granddaughter was involved in a devastating tragedy that brought her family into national news.

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