Gillie Da Kid Net Worth 2022

Gillie Da Kid Net Worth 2022

The net worth of Gillie Da Kid is estimated to be at least $100 million, and it could go higher. However, this figure is dependent on several factors, such as his career, his height, and his weight. These aspects all play an important role in determining the amount of money that the rapper will earn in the next several years.


Gillie da Kid is a hip hop recording artist, who began as a member of the hip hop group Major Figgas. He has worked with major labels such as Cash Money Records and Warner Bros., and is also an actor, starring in several films. Since his debut as a solo artist in 2008, he has garnered a substantial amount of money. His recent projects include “Mafia” and “Force of Execution.” His salary will likely continue to rise as he continues to build his career.

Despite his success, Gillie Da Kid keeps his private life a secret. He has not revealed whether he’s married or divorced, and he does not like to discuss details. However, if he has a significant other, the details of their relationship are not known.

Gillie Da Kid has recently signed a deal with Barstool Sports, an online sports magazine. This new contract is worth an estimated $3 million, and will include a 50% stake in the company.


Throughout his career, Gillie has been the subject of controversies. He has often been accused of violence, and he has taken jabs at some of today’s top rappers. For example, he recently stated that the only young rapper making any money today is Drake. Despite his controversial statements, Gillie insists that he can adapt to the constantly changing music scene.

In addition to his musical career, Gillie Da Kid also has a long list of other projects. He has appeared in films like Blood Brotha and Caged Animal. He also has his own record label, Figgis 4 Life Entertainment. His music is available digitally through Soundcloud and Spotify. He also has his own YouTube channel, “Million Dollaz Worth of Game”. He is a very active artist, whose net worth has been estimated at $2 million.

Before launching a solo career, Gillie Da Kid began working for Roc-A-Fella Records and Warner Bros. He later signed with Cash Money Records, and launched his own record label, Figgas 4 Life Entertainment. Besides creating music, he has also launched a podcast on Soundcloud, Spotify, and YouTube. His songs have also been featured on countless television shows, including “The Talk Show With Larry David.”


Gillie Da Kid is a well-known rapper and songwriter. He is an artist from Philadelphia, PA, who is also an entrepreneur. He was born on July 31, 1984, and is currently 34 years old. The rapper was part of the rap group Major Figgas and released mixtapes like King of Philly. In 2011, he launched his own record label Relumae Records.

Despite his success, Gillie Da Kid is not without controversy. He has been involved in a feud with Lil Wayne and Soulja Boy. This dispute flared up in Dubai in 2014. Gillie Da Kid claimed that Soulja Boy slapped him. The feud turned sour after that. Still, Gillie Da Kid’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. Nevertheless, it is important to note that he has a long history of hard work and has put in a lot of time.

Gillie Da Kid’s net worth is estimated based on many factors. His age, height, relationship record, and income are some of the factors that affect his wealth. His lifestyle is also estimated based on his car collection, lifestyle, and salary.


The rap star, Gillie Da Kid, has a net worth of $2 million. In addition to his role as a hip-hop artist, he is also an actor. He has appeared in several movies, including Blood Brotha and Caged Animal. He has also gained a large following on social media, with over ninety thousand followers on Instagram and 94 thousand on Twitter.

The height and weight of Gillie Da Kid are unknown. He is a five-foot-nine-inch man with black hair and black eyes. He is an American, and belongs to the African-American ethnic group. His zodiac sign is Leo, which is a sign associated with opinion and strength. He attended a local high school and a university, though it is not known which one. His height is five feet nine inches, and he weighs seventy-nine kilograms.

As for his personal life, Gillie Da Kid is an incredibly talented actor, musician, and master of ceremonies. As such, fans have been seeking out his full biography to learn more about the man behind the music.


Gillie Da Kid is an American rapper and singer. He is based in Philadelphia. He has a sister named Kiara. He is currently in a relationship with Regina. The two live together in Philadelphia. Gillie has given Regina the nickname of ‘Tudie.’ The two live like a husband and wife.

The rapper was born on July 31, 1984, in Philadelphia. He is believed to have Ethiopian roots. He was able to establish himself in the rap world when he was only 18. He is now 34 years old. During his early years, Gillie Da Kid was a member of the rap group Major Figgas. However, the group was unsuccessful at getting signed with Universal Records. After the group split, Gillie Da Kid decided to go solo and began releasing mixtapes. He also launched his first studio album, ‘Welcome 2 Gilladelphia.

He has also appeared in movies. He starred in ‘Force of Execution,’ ‘Wrath of Cain,’ and ‘Pimp Bully.’ His net worth is estimated at $2 million. Gillie has also earned a Music Award for Best Mixtape.


The Affairs of Gillie Da Kid is a song by American rapper Gillie Da Kid. He was born on July 31, 1984, in Philadelphia. His zodiac sign is Leo and he is the son of a rap artist. He has been a member of the Major Figgas clique and has been signed to Suave House Records. The group has released several albums and has been nominated for numerous awards.

Gillie Da Kid’s latest romance is with a woman from New Jersey named Tuddie. They live together and share many pictures on social media. The couple even live-stream their life on Instagram. The rapper has called Tuddie his wife, but they haven’t yet tied the knot. Gillie is originally from Philadelphia and was once part of a seven-member rap group called Major FIGGAS.

The rapper also hosts a popular podcast called A Million Dollaz Worth of Game, which focuses on hip-hop culture. The series has more than 200 episodes and has over 100 thousand followers on Apple. His Instagram and Twitter accounts are also active.


The age of Gillie Da Kid is thirty-six years old, and his popularity continues to skyrocket. The Philadelphia-born rapper, songwriter, and rapper-turned-producer was born on July 31, 1984. He is not married and has no known family members. His career began as a member of the rap group Major Figgas, and he later signed with Suave House Records. However, the group lost their deal with Universal, and Gillie went solo. After that, he released a series of mixtapes called ‘King of Philly’, and he eventually launched his first studio album, ‘Welcome 2 Gilladelphia’, which was highly acclaimed by the hip hop community.

Gillie Da Kid’s total assets are unknown. His earnings are mostly from his raps. His raps are his main source of income, and he is known for being a talented entertainer. He was initially signed to Warner Bros and Roc-A-Fella Records, but left them after only one year. His career has now spanned over two decades, and he has made millions.

Currently, Gillie Da Kid is a part-time actor. He released his first studio album Welcome 2 Gilladelphia in 2015. He claimed that he had written songs for Lil Wayne. His music has a unique style, and he has been known to perform on stage with Lil Wayne. He was previously a part of the Major Figgas group, and he released a number of mixtapes with his fellow members. He is a member of the Relumae Records group and has also released solo albums.

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