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Rachel Gloria Adams is a textile designer and painter living in Portland, Maine. Drawing inspiration from the environment she inhabits – especially her two daughters’ unbridled energy! – Adams has developed a vibrant visual language containing references to nature.

TACHEE is an ongoing project and business venture where Tachelle uses imagery she created through painting as textile prints for textile production. Additionally, she enjoys designing custom clothing pieces.

Early Life and Education

Gloria Adams hails from the United States. She has one daughter named McKenzi Akilah Payne.

Education. She received her education at Poinciana Park Elementary and Dorsey Junior High Schools. Upon obtaining her high school diploma, in 1966, she continued her studies at Xavier University of Louisiana to become a pharmacist.

Gloria Adams has made it her mission to help children and youth flourish throughout her career as an educator – serving as teacher, counselor, ESL instructor and more.

She co-founded the Filipino American Educators of Washington to empower minority teachers and students, serve as mentor to many young people, be recognized as a Top Contributor to Asian Community by Northwest Asian Weekly and honored by Seattle Education Association for her contributions to Seattle’s education system.

Professional Career

Gloria Adams has been working in real estate in McLean Virginia for more than 15 years as an agent. This career path has given her the opportunity to meet many different individuals from various fields of work.

She excels at designing enjoyable marketing materials for her clients. With experience in branding and the science of design, she knows just what works for each of them.

TACHEE also boasts a degree in textile design and uses this expertise to create vibrant graphic pattern-based artwork which she sells as textile prints through TACHEE, her company. Her entrepreneurial endeavor has given rise to TACHEE; TACHEE serves as its outlet. TACHEE boasts an exceptional track record in marketing itself as it has amassed an impressive list of clients over time.

Achievement and Honors

Gloria Adams has received several prestigious awards throughout her career, being recognized for both her pioneering legal work on behalf of women’s rights as well as outstanding volunteer efforts.

As such, she has won several accolades, such as the President’s Award from the National Association of Women Lawyers and President Reagan’s Volunteerism Award at the White House. Furthermore, The National Trial Lawyers honored her trailblazing efforts against injustice while winning new rights for women and minorities with their Lifetime Achievement Award.

She has also been honored by the Library of Congress with an induction of her world-famous song into their collection of recordings with American historical & cultural significance. Additionally, she has volunteered her time and talent for numerous charities that help at-risk youths as well as Miami Children’s Hospital.

Personal Life

Gloria Adams was born in Montana to Edward O. and Elsie M. She is survived by her son Glenn Adams and wife Corinne.

Her husband and their children had always been her steadfast companions through their years together, creating many wonderful memories together.

Through her life, she strived to remain positive and optimistic. She loved her family immensely and was immensely proud to call them her own. She was loyal friend to all she met, often going out of her way to assist those in need. She will be missed dearly by friends and loved ones; also survived by grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Net Worth

Gloria Adams is an actress, singer and former host of NFL Network’s Good Morning Football program with an estimated net worth estimated to exceed $19.5 Million dollars.

She is well-recognized for her broadcasting career covering American football, with multiple contacts within the National Football League (NFL).

She has hosted multiple shows over her career, such as SiriusXM’s Livin’ the Fantasy and DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket Fantasy Zone. Additionally, she worked as a reporter for NBC Sports Network and provided consulting to FanDuel regarding their new football game development.

Emilio Estefan and she have two children together: Nayib was born in 1980 while Emily arrived two decades later.

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