Gordal Olives

Gordal Olives From Losada

The gordal olive, also known as Sevillano or Queen olive, is native to Andalusia in southern Spain and produces large-caliber oval fruits that resemble plump “fat one.” As its name suggests, this variety is named “The Fat One.”

Losada offers these delicious olives in a neutral brine to achieve the ideal balance between salt and bitterness, highlighting their delicate gordal olive flavor. Enjoy these jumbo olives as an hors d’oeuvre or on top of fresh green salad leaves!

Early Life and Education

Gordal olives, grown in Andalucia, are large, meaty and juicy green olives with an irresistibly delicious briny taste that are great as part of an olive mix or for cocktails and antipasti platters. Their name translates to “the fat one,” making these an irresistibly tasty treat!

Early agriculturists chose varieties that came into bearing early and produced heavy yields even under droughty conditions, while being resistant to diseases and pests, growing well in poor soils, having low tolerance for water stress, and were easy to harvest.

These factors led to the establishment of large production areas across Spain, Portugal, North Africa, Italy, France and Greece as well as to an increase in use of oil for cooking purposes and medicinal needs. Losada cures their Gordal olives in mild brine brine that preserves their delicate flavors while at the same time being gentle enough for Western palates.

Professional Career

Gordal Olives, also known as queen olives’, are slow-cured using a third generation family recipe in low salt brine for maximum flavor and meaty texture. Their large size makes them the ideal accompaniment for cocktail parties and appetizer platters alike!

Manzanilla and Gordal olives from Seville have been granted temporary Spanish protection as PGI in order to gain entry onto the EU list of quality indicators, guaranteeing their authenticity as extra virgin oils and the distinct characteristics associated with each variety. This will protect their special status as European Union quality indicators.

Rep-PCR using GTG5 primer was used to isolate 554 LAB genotypes from biofilms on the fruit surface of Manzanilla, Gordal and Alorena cultivars processed either green Spanish-style or directly brined (natural). A-biodiversity indexes demonstrated that more LAB were found during processing with green Spanish-style rather than natural brine brining methods.

Achievement and Honors

Gordal olives are large meaty olives known for their mild flavour that make them popular as table olives. Cured with light brine for optimal results that allow the true olive taste to come through, they offer delicious table olive options.

Gordal (Queen) olives are an absolute staff favourite! From their succulent green Spanish piri piri chillies stuffed inside to being marinated with garlic for maximum flavour – grown right here in Andalusia’s heartland they make for an outstanding table olive.

Aceitunas Losada, located just outside Seville in Carmona, is a small family business dedicated to producing only high-grade blemish-free olives for curing. Their neutral brine helps achieve the optimal balance between saltiness and bitterness without altering any unique characteristics of each variety they feature.

Personal Life

Gordal olives are large, meaty olives with mild refreshing flavors sourced from Andalucia in Spain and popular throughout Spain, where their name translates to “the fat one.” Consumed alongside seafood dishes as garnish, they’re an integral part of everyday meals in Spain and even used as part of garnishing techniques.

These premium jumbo olives from Spain are preserved in low salt brine to capture their authentic flavors, then filled with both mildly spicy green piri-piri chillies and sweet Spanish garlic for an exquisite hors d’oeuvre or appetizer option.

These beautiful olives come from Seville, where a small family company selects and preserves ripe Gordal olives in an extremely mild brine to preserve their delicate flavor without overwhelming it with too much salt.

Net Worth

Losada olives are carefully selected, pitted and cured using traditional methods and natural ingredients for maximum quality and texture. Their large size and meaty texture set them apart among other varieties; making these Gordal olives standout among them all. Pairing well with cocktails, antipasto plates or goat cheese or pickled garlic makes for the perfect Gordal olive experience!

The Gordal Olive, hailing from Southwestern Spain and widely appreciated for its size and texture, reigns as queen among table olives. At Losada family farms they use a mild brine solution so as not to compromise its original flavors.

Produce a succulent, delectably tart olive to pair perfectly with cheeses and cold cuts for an exquisite palate experience.

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